So you’re thinking about a big chop? Exciting right? But before you grab your scissors and start chopping away you should first really think about why you want to cut your hair. Sure you’re impulsive but have you really considered how BIG of a transformation that would be for you? Here are 7 key things to keep in mind before you cut your hair.

Have A Before and After Hair Plan

Who doesn’t love a little spontaneity in life? Right. See the thing is when you big chop your hair you need to know what the plan is gonna be. First, you have to think about what short style you want – there are endless and you should make sure your cut fits your face. Are you planning on maintaining your short style? Or are you planning on growing it out to a new desired length? Without a plan, you could end up with a cut you don’t like which might require clip-in extensions or you’ll enter the awkward stage that comes with having short hair not really know how to handle it. Listen, we all go through the awkward stage, but the key to getting through it being prepared for it ahead of time and embracing your hair at every stage.

Yes, You Will Have Bad Hair Days. No, It Isn’t THAT Bad

If you think because you have short hair you won’t have a bad hair day you are wrong. Oh, you will have bad hair days just like anyone else but you should let it get you down or make you regret your decision. Just how you survived your long hair bad days you will survive short hair bad days, it’s just all in how you style it. Put that cap down and grab a headwrap. There are so many ways to tie a headwrap you’ll never worry about having a bad hair day again. Or you can just embrace your tresses do its own thing cause remember one naturalistas bad hair day is another one’s dope hairstyle. It’s all about perception.

You Have To Change Your Hair Habits

Are you big chopping as a way to start over because you have breakage? Or simply just tired of dealing with “difficult” hair? Then you’re going to have to change your hair habits. You have to care and nurture your hair by deep conditioning it, moisturizing it, and keeping it protected in order to prevent breakage. So if you think you’re not going to have this issue after a big chop you’ll be wrong. Sure your hair will be cute but as it begins to grow but you’ll slip back into old habits and your hair will end up back in the same state it was prior to cutting it.

The thing you must remember about hair growth is that regimens that are done consistently are the only way to ensure your hair will grow healthy and long. Now if starting a new routine is NOT something you’re trying to do then I recommend not cutting your hair. As an alternative, I suggest adopting a simple yet healthy routine that will work with your lifestyle and benefit your hair in the long run.

What Worked On Long Hair Doesn’t Always Work On Short Hair

How you took care of your long hair may not be the same to care for your short hair. Depending on how short your hair will be you’ll find yourself using less product or not even at all. You’ll also find that your long hair had one type of personality while your short hair has another. You will have to take the time to refamiliarize yourself with your hair in order to learn what will and won’t work for your new style.

Give Your Hair Time, Patience, and Understanding

If the goal of your big chop is the grow your hair back out then let me stress that you need to have patience. I know that it seems like your favorite influencer’s hair grew down their back overnight but I assure you it didn’t. Granted some people’s hair grows faster than others but you shouldn’t worry about what their scalp is doing. Hair growth is a slow and steady race in which you should be focusing on your own lane by doing what works for your hair. The more time, patience, and understanding you put into your tresses the better the growth results will be. So stop length checking every other day, you’ll hit your finish line, trust me.

Her Hair is NOT Your Hair

Speaking of looking at what your friend or favorite influencer’s hair, you need to always remember that their hair is theirs and yours is your own. If you’re cutting it to mimic someone else’s look that’s fine, we all look for inspiration but it’s important for you to keep in mind your hair may not look like theirs. Does that mean you did something wrong? No. It just means that no two heads of hair are the same and you have to do what works best for your hair to achieve certain looks if you can achieve them at all. 

And most importantly…

Do It For Yourself

Cutting your hair off is a big decision, especially if you’re only used to having trims. It’s imperative that before you take the leap you’re making this decision because YOU want it. Don’t do it because a parent or a homey lover friend told you to. Do it because you felt it in your spirit and you know that its the right decision for you, your soul, and your hair. 

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Do you have any tips those who considering a big chop should be mindful of? Share with me in the comments below and tag me in your big chops on social using #TMABlog.

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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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