In today’s post, you’re going to be achieving the perfect afro using Royal Prerogative Curl Clips in four easy steps. This tutorial is special because I know the struggle when your hair is too soft or not full enough to give you the look that you desire. I have done many hair how-to videos but I haven’t done one centered around the perfect afro. I felt that it was important to showcase the beauty of this simplistic yet powerful natural hairstyle, as well as a way to enhance what you already have by using Royal Prerogative’s Curl Clips.

Let’s get started…oh, but before we do, I need to let you know that for this tutorial I’ll be working with an 11-day old twist out. You do not need to have freshly washed or deep conditioned hair pull off this look. So whether this is a fresh style or a days-old style, you and your hair are gonna look so bomb by the time you finish adding these clips.

Step One: 

Hold the top of the clip firmly and separate it with your fingers to the desired fullness that you’re looking for. There is no right or wrong here so don’t worry if someone else’s looks different from yours. It’s all about the look you’re going for.

achieving the Perfect Afro maria antoinette tmablog

Step Two:

Using your fingers, starting at the back of your head make a part, and separate the hair. You can use a comb but I just find using my hands easier and a time saver. I also suggest using hair clips or bobby pins to keep the sections separated. 

achieving the Perfect Afro maria antoinette tmablog

Step Three:

Now you’re going to turn the curl clips outward, flip your hands over your head, and clip them right into the parted section. To secure the clips you’re gonna attach the curl clip with the small comb right near your root and then press firmly to click it in place.

Once you get the first row done you continue all over your head. You can do as many rows of curl clips as you need to achieve the perfect afro. Just make sure you’re installing the Curl Clips evenly around your head so that it’s filled in evenly. 

achieving the Perfect Afro maria antoinette tmablog

Step Four:

With all the curl clips installed and firmly secured now you can start the styling process. You can take a pick and fluff the hairs to make your afro bigger and bolder. If you like this look and want to recreate it I used 2 packs of RP Curl Clips in color 2 and it took all but a few moments to acttach and style.

achieving the Perfect Afro maria antoinette tmablog

Watch the video below to see this breakdown in action.

achieving the Perfect Afro maria antoinette tmablog


There you have it! The perfect afro. I told you it achieving the perfect afro was going to be easy. Tag me in your afro pics on social using #TMABlog.

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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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