*This series is sponsored by Chase Freedom Unlimited. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You know the program: each year you set a goal or two and ugh, it takes a year – yes an entire year or more – before you actually do it. Well, this year we are breaking the cycle (like for real, for real) and going after each of our 2019 goals with a passion. I’m so excited to be teaming up with Chase Freedom Unlimited to share my Always Earning Journey.

So, what is my goal for 2019?!? I thought you’d never ask. We purchased our home five years ago and I am ashamed to say I have never decorated it. Yes, we have furniture and stuff, but I want paintings, upgrades and other features. I want to turn my house into a home with texture that’s tastefully done. The plan for this year is to put my DIY, designer, and stylist magic on our house and start the transformation journey that I’ve been longing for.

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Starting the Transformation with Chase Freedom Unlimited

When the Chase Freedom Unlimited team reached out to us, we were thrilled. I knew this was the perfect opportunity for us to knock out our home décor and design goals. With our new cash back credit card, I earn 1.5% cash back on each purchase. Now with the financial part of my goal working with and for me, I can focus on planning.

I want to be smart about the process because projects like this can put a significant dent into your wallet, so my hubby and I are breaking it down into a six-month plan. This will allow us to create an amazing decorated kitchen and eat-in area all while being financially savvy.

Chase Freedom Unlimited maria antoinette tmablog

I can’t wait to start and share each stage of this transformation. This is a process y’all and I want to take you on this journey with me. Be sure to check in each month, as I will need your help picking everything from wallpaper to light fixtures. Also, if you have a major goal for the year, this is my invitation for you to join me in getting it accomplished. We may have a different path, but we’re all walking towards smarter and better financial choices that will enable us to live our dreams.

Have you done a major redecorating project in your space? What are some of your favorite decorating tips? Comment below with any and all tips.

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