DIY blogging is huge. Like, HUGE. This space is filled with men and women from all walks of life. But as I started to notice while looking around Instagram one night there weren’t many who looked like me. So it got me thinking, where are the female DIY home design bloggers of color? The hunt was officially on. As a result, I compiled a list of eight women who are doing their thing in the DIY blogging world.

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog

Maria Antionette – HGTV Handmade & Burning Daylight

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: HGTV

It’s me! I know many of you know me for my natural hair tutorials, but did you know I’m also quite the crafter? I love a good DIY, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been having a blast working with HGTV Handmade as their Lifestyle Expert creating all sorts of crafts from simple letter painting to making an ottoman from a spare tire. In addition, I also have my own HGTV show exclusively on Facebook called Burning Daylight where each week I create fun family-friendly DIY’s. Season 2 is in full swing so stop by each Friday for an all-new episode.

A.V. Perkins – A.V. Does What!?

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: A.V. Does What!?

A.V. is a Brooklyn based DIY’er and founder of A.V. Does What!?. She is quite the character. Her videos always make me laugh because she says the things we’re all thinking while we craft. She makes crafting fun and most importantly she teaches women that “life is better when you do it yourself.” A.V. also hosts events for crafters to get in touch with their inner DIY.

Timisha Porcher – Toolbox Divas

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: @ToolboxDivas Instagram

Timisha knows how much home repairs can cost so she Toolbox Divas which provides instructional courses for basic home repair and maintenance.  Her website is a step by step guide for helping you plan out your next major home improvement projects to general maintenance and interior design.  Timisha’s goal is to help you become self-reliant and confident in your newly discovered home repair abilities.

Amber Kemp-Gerstel – Damask Love

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: Damask Love

Amber takes the fear factor out of DIY’ing. Her site Damask Love takes the  “doable-DIY” route that takes away the complication, intimidation, and frustration of crafting and gives you all the info you need to jump head first into the DIY life. Right now you can catch Amber in action on NBC’s crafting competition show Making It. You can binge-watch those episodes here.

Ashley Basnight – Handmade Haven

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: Handmade Haven

Ashley’s journey into DIY is a familiar one. After unsuccessfully finding the perfect wooden dining room table she decided that she would just make it herself, and she did. Thus a passion for building was born as was her blog Handmade Haven. Ashley’s site is a woodworker’s dream and the best thing about it is she provides the plans to make it even easier for you to make it yourself.

Whitney Jones – Whitney J Decor

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: Whitney J Decor

Whitney is a designer and blogger who was named Design Master by New Orleans Homes & Lifestyle Magazine. Her website Whitney J Decor is a perfect mix of interior design and chic DIY’s. Whitney’s goal is to help you include your style and personality in your dream space without draining your wallet. And if you’re looking to redecorate your home but you don’t know where to start, sign up for her 4-Week Decorating Course. It starts in September so be sure to check it out.

Medina Grillo – Grillo-Designs

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: @GrilloDesigns Instagram

Let’s a quick hop across the pond to England where we’ll find Medina who is the creator of the award-winning DIY & Home Improvement blog Grillo Designs. Medina loves Ikea and upcycling. Her website is filled with affordable and easy to do home decor as well as craft hacks and creative ideas for your place. She’s all about helping you make pieces for your home without paying those retail prices.

Erin Marshall – Live Pretty On A Penny

DIY Home Design Bloggers maria antoinette tmablog
Photo Credit: Live Pretty on a Penny

Erin the creator of Live Pretty on a Penny helps inspire her readers to take charge and create spaces within their home that make them happy. Erin’s blog is a mix of interior design, DIY, and lifestyle. Her main goal is to inspire the average woman like me, to love where you live and live what you love.

Did I miss anyone? Who are your favorite DIY home design bloggers? Share in the comments below so we can keep the list going. If you’re a DIY’er share your creations with me online using #TMABlog.

Re-doing your bedroom? Check out my latest DIY creation on HGTV Handmade for inspiration.

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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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