Protective styles are not only convenient, they’re critical in helping to manage both your time & hair. Any workout fanatic can attest to this. Personally, braids or extensions are a go-to style for my exercise regimen. I find them easy to maintain both during and post workout. Having a style that requires little attention allows me to go HAM in the gym and still look polished after my session. To further simplify my stance on this topic…

My protective styles enable me to hit the gym…..

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……& then happy hour without missing a beat.

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Currently, I’m wearing a full closure sew-in weave. I opted for this style due to its ease of maintenance and natural appearance. Due to the quality of hair I chose, the extensions literally look as if they’ve grown out of my own scalp. Of course this requires some maintenance. The win here, is my natural hair remains protected. Not to mention, this style isn’t as heavy to carry during workouts.

The two most important factors for my choice to have a sew-in are:

1. Training without the stresses of adding heat to straighten my hair repeatedly. I believe this is the biggest concern for most women and I can definitely understand! We all want to avoid frying our hair and damaging our curls.

2. Giving my natural hair a rest from wear & tear of styling. Manipulation of my natural hair can work against me if I am doing it too often. This is based on my personal experience. It could be a different scenario for you.

You’ve heard the term, “There are a thousand ways to skin a cat”, same goes for natural hair styling options. There are many components involved in caring for your hair. My advice is to be patient and open minded. What’s even more important? Be willing to play around with different styles until you find what works best for YOU. Whatever you decide please don’t allow hair to be the reason you avoid the gym.

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