While it may seem simple, those of us who have tried and failed miserably, know differently. Cutting up an old t-shirt for gym use is such a save of our coins! However, if you butcher every t-shirt you own, you’ve defeated the purpose. If you’ve been searching for the perfect fitness top to accommodate your workout…an old t-shirt will do! You’ll find simple instructions here, whether you prefer a blousy fit, off-the-shoulder, asymmetrical bottom, sleeveless, crop tank or tee!

In this post you will learn the most simple way to create your own unique workout top…perfectly customized by YOU! 


 You’ve just revamped a dull t-shirt into a handmade accessory. Have fun with this DIY project.

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Rock your new fit top with class, swag & sass.Remember it’s a custom creation by none other than YOU! 

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