With summer seventeen rapidly approaching everyone who previously slow-rolled into the new year with fitness goals now realizes April has arrived! This is no time for a lackadaisical routine. Swimsuit season and beachfront getaways are merely 60 days away. This calls for a serious workout routine amp-up. I know life is busy, we have many obligations within our allotted 24 hours a day. Let me remind you that fitness is not something we HAVE time for it is something we MAKE time for. With your hectic schedule in mind, I’ve constructed a workout just for you.

This workout routine is AWESOME because it is simple to grasp yet intense to perform. It can be done anywhere and any time of the day and requires zero equipment. 

Your workout routine will consist of these five exercises:

1. Burpees

2. Body Squat

3. Rear Lunge

4. Jumping Jacks

5. Alternating High Kicks

Carve out 20-30 minutes every day to smash this routine.

Here’s the visual guide you’ll need to reference for each exercise:

Don’t worry about how many sets or reps you complete just go hard nonstop for 20-30 minutes. I promise a round of Alternating High Kicks alone will have you pumped. Plus the fact that this will be dedicated time spent on sculpting your summer ’17 body. 

Here’s the best part! It didn’t even cost you a gym membership. 

If you enjoyed this routine head on over to XTYFIT.com for more fun, fat burning workouts like it.


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Christy Allen's nomadic character has given her the possibility of not only travel but the ability to explore and evolve in many different fields. Police Sergeant, Bodybuilding Pro Athlete, CPT, MA-Management & Leadership, BA-Criminal Justice, Mentor, Public Speaker, Charitable Figure and Motivator. The eclectic energy Christy, Xty for short, exudes from health and fitness is not only reflected in her stage performance but her everyday personality as well. Xty is someone to see; just watch!
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