Goal setting isn’t something that can be done on a whelm. Especially when it comes to fitness goals. Nor should goal setting be approached lackadaisically (lacking enthusiasm and determination). Setting fitness goals involves strategy if you plan to be successful in your endeavors. I suggest taking the SMART approach. Ensure your goals are:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Time based

First and foremost, you have to WANT to do the task at hand. The desire itself creates a sense of motivation that aids in the startup of your journey.

  • Once you’ve gotten SMART about your fitness goals, you are Mission Ready. What better way to tackle a plan of action than inviting a trusted partner to join in the mission. Not simply as a space-filler; an accountability partner with similar goals can serve as a major encouragement tool. When we have others depending on us, we are more apt to see things through. Customarily, people do not take pride in giving up however; when it involves letting friends & family down too, well that’s where we draw the line. Partnerships keep us accountable and encouraged. We are better together.
  • Tracking progress through journaling, Facebook Support Group, snapping before/after pics or meet ups is another useful goal setting step. Often something tangible allows us to envision how well or not so well we are doing. Seeing is believing. When we are able to identify our progress it gives us self awareness as well as self motivation. Should you find something is not conducive to your plan of action you can always go back to the drawing board and make necessary adjustments.  Having a journal will help you highlight exactly where the issues lay, pictures are worth a thousand words and the support we get from others is priceless.
  • Last but not least, keep your path clear. By this I mean do not allow anything or anyone to get in the way of you getting to the finish line. Have tunnel vision so severe that nothing blocks your view. If there is something or someone that hinders your progress I suggest handling it accordingly. Remember, you deserve to accomplish your fitness goals. If you should happen to veer off course, don’t beat yourself up; simply note the stumble and get back on track. Even perfection encounters setbacks. Once you decide you won’t give up…YOU WIN!

For more fitness inspiration, feel free to find me over at xtyfit.bigcartel.com

❤️ Christy

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Christy Allen's nomadic character has given her the possibility of not only travel but the ability to explore and evolve in many different fields. Police Sergeant, Bodybuilding Pro Athlete, CPT, MA-Management & Leadership, BA-Criminal Justice, Mentor, Public Speaker, Charitable Figure and Motivator. The eclectic energy Christy, Xty for short, exudes from health and fitness is not only reflected in her stage performance but her everyday personality as well. Xty is someone to see; just watch!
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