I am all about gifting! The smile and warmth that comes over a person receiving a thoughtful present is priceless. The best gifts to give are the ones you know individuals simply won’t purchase themselves. Such gifts aren’t necessarily super expensive they just may not be atop the recipient’s priority list. With that being said, here is my gift to the MA squad. I’ve put together a list of the best fitness gifts EVER! These items are awesome for both men & women.

They are useful and definitely set the tone for making health & fitness paramount, pleasurable but most of all EXCITING.  No matter what their interest; be it Running, Weight Training, Power Lifting, Tennis, CrossFit, Yoga or Biking the presents listed below are sure to knock the socks off of any fit freak. These gems will even intrigue the couch figurine with dreams of getting in shape. 



Perfect fitness tracker with sleek look for casual occasions as well. 

2. Gym Membership

 Membership fees may range from $10 to $75 depending on the contractual terms. I would suggest purchasing the full year or paying the sign up fee and first month. Either way you are giving someone a great jumpstart! Biggest hurdle for people to get over is the actual purchase.

3. Headphones

Wireless headphones brands vary in style but deliver the same convenience of not having that annoying wire dangle with every movement.  I have Jams, Beats and Bose all of which I love for different occasions. Jams are my Go-To for training because they sound great, take on when I’m sweating, running, jumping and most importantly because I can afford to break them at a reasonable price of only 30 bucks.

4. Sneakers

I live by the mantra, “Don’t Cheat Your Feet”….that being said I will literally blow all budgets to ensure the comfort, stability and longevity of the shoes I decide to purchase. I look at it as a relationship. The shoes I run, train, lift or stroll around in must be able to stand the test of whatever their sole purpose is; otherwise it’s simply a bad investment that ultimately causes blisters.

 I have found Aasics to be the best running shoe for my feet however; not all feet are created equal so I recommend you have your measurements taken before choosing a sneaker. Stores like Fleet Feet, Big River Running and Luke’s Locker offer this service free of charge. My gym training requires Nike sneakers; they are very stylish and supportive.  Keep in mind inexpensive options may not perform to your standard or last as long as other brands. Proceed with caution.

5. Insulated Water Bottles

These encourage constant hydration and decorative ones are even more fun! Contigo, S’Well and Camel Bak are elite brands for insulated water bottles. Not only do they preserve your H2O all day, they are also easy to carry and have super cool designs. Amazon.com has a wide variety of these brands ranging from $10-$30.

6. Ipod

Engraved & personalized to make the piece a sentimental accessory. In my opinion, this is one fail proof gift. 

7. iTunes / Google Play gift card

Who doesn’t love options? Purchase a motivating playlist or purchase the gift of freedom to choose whatever one likes.

8. XtyFit Training Guides

Perfect for beginners as well as those on the move. These guides are informative & helpful tools to tone target areas. XtyFit Training Guides offer self-guided alternatives to working out. Products can be found here: http://xtyfit.bigcartel.com/

9. Apple Watch

Savvy gadget with interchangeable wristbands allows iPhone pairing capabilities for phone calls, text messages, notes, activity tracking and much more.

10. Fitness Gear

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Target, Zappos (online) all have great gear for men & women at nominal costs. Here are some items to look for, in whichever brand you prefer:

  1. Dri Fit Socks
  2. Running pants
  3. Sports Bras
  4. Gym Bag
  5. Yoga Mat

Happy hunting,


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Christy Allen's nomadic character has given her the possibility of not only travel but the ability to explore and evolve in many different fields. Police Sergeant, Bodybuilding Pro Athlete, CPT, MA-Management & Leadership, BA-Criminal Justice, Mentor, Public Speaker, Charitable Figure and Motivator. The eclectic energy Christy, Xty for short, exudes from health and fitness is not only reflected in her stage performance but her everyday personality as well. Xty is someone to see; just watch!
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