We ALL love some good music during the holidays! Some of us love music more than we love that one relative that gets on everyone’s nerves!  Today’s post is all about tuning out that one relative and turning up the family! Its time to make some memories. What better memories could be made than a house full of dancing machines? Press play and get the party started.


  • Great Playlist, Live DJ, or the family member that thinks they’re a DJ
  • Bluetooth Speakers 
  • Friends and Family
  • Dance Floor, Living Room, or Kitchen Floor
  • Drinks!
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

The rest is up to you! Gather the family or just plug up your phone and let the family gather themselves:

Here’s an idea: Make it a friendly competition!

Break up into groups or get down solo dolo! I’m sure you’ll see a variety of dance moves!


There you have it. A little help for the Holidays! Will you be busting some moves this year? Or will you assume the role of family DJ? Regardless of the part you choose, there’s some guaranteed laughter in the works. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your family and food as much as I plan to!

-XOXO Crystal Mercedes

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Crystal Mercedes (Better Known As The Runway Dj) Has been colliding music and fashion since 2008, this unique and talented DJ was born and raised in the heart of Memphis, TN. Attended one of the best performance art schools in the city which taught her the art of sound. With a theatre and musician background she brings style and grace while spinning on the “Runway” which is her signature event. The Runway Dj is known for clashing genres of music from the late 70s to recent times during her performances. She lives in a vintage world with that being said her fashion styles mixed with her love music is undeniably great. She recently just started her blogging career with a platform for local naturals in Memphis, TN called (Memphis Naturals). She hopes to have a promising journey follow her as she makes her dreams come true. (@Therunwaydj)

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