The first time I decided to stop chemically straightening my hair, I started following multiple natural hair pages on Instagram. When that wasn’t enough, I followed a few natural hair bloggers. They have many tutorials for beginners and they also show their hair regimen. I know a lot of us can be lazy naturals, so seeing dope hairstyles while scrolling through the gram is definitely motivating.  Not to mention, there are many hair products available to the natural hair community; so seeing results before purchasing the product is a plus!

Below is a list of 5 natural hair bloggers I admire and why:


Instagram: @ronkeraji

Why you should follow her:

She is my favorite hair blogger.  A lot of naturals incorporate styles such as twist-out, bantu knots, etc. in their hair regimen, but Ronke Raji is one of the few hair bloggers who does not mind rocking her hair in its natural state! She gives you the courage to embrace your hair as is and I am here for it! She goes from one hair color to another and that just shows how free she is.


Instagram: @itsdaynadane

Why you should follow her:

She has been rocking her hair short for a while and I love it. A lot of naturals’ hair goal is to usually grow longer hair but she freely embraces the cut life. When you are in the growing stage or have a TWA, she is someone to follow because it shows you can have short hair and achieve great styles as well.

Instagram: @naturallytemi

Why you should follow her:

Sometimes we don’t stick to a regimen and we also think that we have to try every single product in the market. Most importantly, we expect our hair to grow inches in just a few days! She has been in the game for a while and watching her YouTube videos will teach you to be patient.  Her regimen is very simple and she does an amazing job at achieving all of her hair styles.


Instagram: @dayelasoul

Why you should follow her:

She is very versatile and not afraid to play with her hair. She’s had different hair colors, hair styles and it shows you there is no limit to what you can do with your hair. She does many protective styles as well so if you ever need any tips, check out her page.  I love how she tries different styles and does not stick to one boring look. She’s definitely not a lazy natural (lol).


Instagram: @ilovealimara

Why you should follow her:

Another natural who reaps for the TWA naturals. She has been rocking her hair short as well. Compared to what we are told, she does not mind dying her hair in the growing stage. She has many YouTube videos teaching us how to care for our short dyed-hair. She knows how to style her tapered cut to make her curls pop and I love that about her

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