One of the easiest ways to switch up your hairstyle (or avoid shampoo day, LOL) is by doing an updo.  The great thing about this Natural Hair Updo is that it’s perfect for a casual day or a dressy occasion.  Not only does this hairstyle look like a piece of art, it’s easy to complete and you can be even more creative and add your own personal touch!


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What you will need:

  • clips
  • bobby pins
  • comb (optional)
  • hair spray (optional)


  • Start on stretched or blown out hair – this makes it easy to work with and manipulate the hair.
  • Start with a side part from your eyebrow to the middle of your head. Part hair rest of your hair down the middle.
  • Clamp off one side and on the free side start at the nape of the neck and part off one section at an angle (about ½ of the back) Clip free hair to keep out of the way.
  • Take that section and twist it under (as though you were rolling the hair) and secure with a bobby pin. Part off another section and twist this part going upward, and secure with bobby pins.  You want to make sure the hair is slick on the sides and has more volume in the middle of the twist.  Continue this exact same technique for the next 3 rows.  Leave the top section for later and proceed to the other side.
  • On the other side, you are going to twist and roll each section to match the previous side.
  • One you reach the top of this lighter side, you will want the 5th and final twist to go backwards.
  • Now that the back and sides are completed, we are going to work on the front bang area. Fluff the hair out to give it more structure and pin the base (near your side part) down with bobby pins.  Then make one large twist and having it going over and to the back.  Since this last twist will be open, you will need to go inside with the final bobby pins to secure it. Mold/shape, secure and add any additional bobby pins that you may need.

Borrowing trends from the past are always a fun way to switch up your hair.  And to make the hairstyle really stand out, top it off with a red lip for a pin up girl look!

Want to see how I created this look live? Check out the video!

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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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