It’s important to share our journeys. We never know who can relate or who will be encouraged. My natural hair journey started when I was a sophomore in college. I remember transitioning when both of my sisters were natural. They both pressured me to let go of the creamy crack so I gave in but deep inside I knew that I was not ready. At the time I wanted my hair to get longer and healthier which is what I did for about 9 months. I had a good amount of growth but instead of cutting off the relaxed ends, I decided to relax my hair because it would have been longer.

When I started my junior year in college, I started learning more about myself and my entourage. As well as who I wanted to be and what I really wanted to do. My coworker from J. Crew at the time, mentioned that she was attending a Taren Guy event in NYC. She suggested I should send a submission to get a big chop at the event. She persuaded me by telling me her own natural hair story and I was convinced.

I had my first big chop in December 2014.

It was at the event in front of hundreds of people and they recorded the beginning for a Youtube video. It was scary but I felt good. I was not sad nor regretted it. It took me some time to get use to a short cut but I embraced it. It took me some time to get use to a short cut but I embraced it. After 1 year and 5 months, I decided to get a pixie hair cut so I permed my hair. I always wanted a pixie cut hair cut, so I was excited. A year later, I started growing my hair again.

My second big chop happened the summer of 2016.


Of course, I can’t wait to get my hair in a high puff!I am in the awkward stage and definitely get impatient at times, but I know it is all worth it. Im enjoying the journey and I like the fact that I know a lot about my natural hair since this is my 2nd big chop.  More importantly, I like the fact that I am doing this because I want to. This time around, I was not forced or pressured to do it which is something worth mentioning. This is the hair that I was born with. However, I started getting a perm at the age of 8 and so I can admit it does feel different.

I am currently embracing my afro and this is a crown I cherish.


There are many platforms such as Youtube and Instagram that I use to guide me throughout my journey. However, I always take the time to figure out what works for me. The most important lesson I learned is that everyone’s hair is different. You should love your hair the way it is. On your natural hair journey, make sure you are not setting goals according to others. It’s pointless for you to want someone else’s hair type, texture, etc.

Embracing your traits that are unique is the end goal.

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Hi! I'm Alexandra, a lifestyle blogger. I love expressing myself in writing and through my personal style. I live life each day at a time, and I have big dreams and goals I'd love to accomplish one day. Hope you stick around for more! Check out my blog and Instagram @aleeexxpb See you there!
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