As you all know I am hosting the 30 Day Grow Your Fro Protective Style Challenge with Gabrielle of Strawberricurls. So I decided to take the plunge… I have NEVER done mini twist but what is a challenge for right?!?!?! I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I pushed the envelope. I have been apprehensive about mini twist for many reasons. One my hair is fine and I didn’t want the twist to look thin, no one has time to walk around looking like they have a head full of strings. Two I am lazy…okay the cat is out of the bag I am a lazy natural.  Ok, back to the challenge and mini twist… I did something new and challenging and I am SO glad I did. Today I will walk you through the process of how to mini twist and style your natural hair for the perfect protective style. Mini twist are great for all lengths of hair…so don’t be like me try them!

Started with clean stretched hair. I sectioned my hair into 9 large twist to make the process easier.


Untwist the first large section and part out your first row.

Maria-Antoinette-TV-Parting- Hair.30.33 PM

Spray each row with water. Rub the water into the hair to make sure the hair is damp. Seal the damp hair with a cream (I used a whipped shea butter). Add a tiny amount of gel for extra hold.


With the hair split in even sections, twist from the root to the ends. Finger coil the ends to gather all ends into a curl, to assure the ends don’t unravel.


Repeat. Once you are done you can rock you hair as is…



…or you can do this fierce style that was totally inspired by Lauryn Hill circa 1999.



Check out the video Mini Twist & Style (Lauryn Hill Inspired) …Let me know in the comments below if you could see yourself rocking mini twist?!?! Also check out Gabrielle’s The Cinnabun video!!!



I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial on How to Mini Twist and Style your Natural Hair. Remember sometimes it takes a challenge to make you step out and try something different. With that being said I want to take a second to thank our incredible sponsors. Most challenges are just that a challenge but the 30 Day Grow Your Fro Protective Style Challenge is different we have some incredible sponsors offering some even more incredible prizes for those participating. So show our sponsors some love!

Big Chop Hair is a natural hair extension company that offers 4 different hair textures in wefts, lace closures, bulk (for braiding), u-part wigs, clip-ins and full wigs.  With protective styles being the go to for most naturals, Big Chop Hair is sure to have the perfect texture just for you.
Curl Genetics
Curl Genetics is a natural hair initiative hair extension line that caters kinky,curly, coily and wavy hair textures. Curl Genetics has clip-ins, hair wefts (for a sew in), bulk hair, closures, U-part Wigs and full lace wigs that actually matches ones specific natural hair texture.
Kinky Curly Yaki
“Say no to African in the front and Indian in the back!” Kinky Curly Yaki offers 6 textures for all afro textures; from sleek, fresh from the salon straight of light yaki to the #BigHairDon’tCare kinkiness of our newest texture, afro coily. Permed to natural, we have it all.
Best of luck to all participating,
~Maria Antoinette
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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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