Holidays are supposed to be happy, but many of us leave the holidays feeling anything but. Holidays are a ton of work to put together. That work has to be done by someone, and since you’re the one reading this article I’m going to assume that someone is probably you. And due to the pressure to put on the most joyful event of the season, many people find themselves burnt out and bitter before the roasts start coming out of the oven. How do we combat that?

Self-care is important year ‘round, but at no time during the year do we need a solid self-care plan as much as we need it during the holidays. When you’re able to get a good holiday self-care plan going you’re less likely to feel like decking someone instead of the halls. All jokes aside, mental health suffers for many people during the holidays and they experience isolation and increased depression. That means you’re going to do everything you can to avoid that fate, right? Here are some things to think about while you’re making a self-care plan for the holidays.

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Don’t say yes to everything you’re asked

No, you cannot bake all of those cookies. You cannot dog sit. Don’t even think about watching those children. During the holiday season, it is easy for people to talk each other into doing things they would rather not do. The problem is that it cuts into our schedules and we end up resenting it. Don’t be that person. Say no early and mean it. If you say yes, let it be from a genuine desire to help and not guilt over what you think you should be doing.

Limit your time with toxic relatives

Every year you have to deal with the uncle who won’t stop asking about your weight, or the cousin who questions your parenting – IN FRONT of your children. Those types of interactions can really bring the quality of the family gathering down. This year, do something different and avoid those relatives. That’s right, just don’t go if those toxic family members are going to be there. You don’t have to be in their presence. If you do plan on going anyway, be sure to limit the time you stay. By limiting your exposure to these types you’re giving yourself a chance to enjoy your holiday on your own terms.

Do NOT clean the baseboards again

I know you already cleaned those baseboards at Thanksgiving. We have a tendency to believe that if the holiday isn’t absolutely perfect that it doesn’t count. This contributes to our frustration and anxiety and it simply isn’t fair. Give yourself the gift of imperfection this year. The baseboards are not dusty again already. If they are, nobody was looking at the baseboards anyway. Save that energy for cuddling up with a kid or wrapping a gift, or watching a movie to unwind.

Pick a hiding spot just in case

When the world gets too hard, we need some space to get it back into place. When you’re at these functions, one of my favorite holiday self-care strategies is to find somewhere that you can step away if you need a moment. Sometimes it is the bathroom, a spare room where the coats are being held or even stepping outside helps. Just make sure you have a place you can call home.

Holiday self-care is super important so make sure to make time for you. Comment below with your tips for making it through the holiday season. 

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