The holidays are supposed to bring tidings of comfort and joy, right? Why then is it that so many of the people we see around us are anything but joyful? The holidays can bring out the best or the worst in people, and for many of us the holidays can bring on a sort of holiday depression. It’s really important that you pay attention to the symptoms of depression during the holidays in order to accurately assess when or if you might need to go get yourself or a loved one some help. If you have ever wondered, here are some of the reasons that people get down over the holidays.

holiday depression maria antoinette

The stress of putting a holiday gathering together

Let’s face it, putting the holiday gathering together is NOT a small feat. Planning a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday can take weeks of planning, cleaning, and debating over the details. All of that requires a lot of energy, and it’s only for one day. That’s before we even begin talking about Christmas shopping. In the age of Instagram, the pressure to put on a good event is higher than it was before. Some of us simply can’t keep up with it, and that’s the honest, discouraging truth. Trying to maintain when you don’t have the energy can definitely put too much pressure on all of us.

Seasonal affective disorder

When the holidays come, the sun is pretty much gone for the year. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) happens to many people, and combining that with the stress of the holidays does not make it easier to manage. If you are living with SAD, be certain to give yourself some extra care during this time. Use your sun lamp, take some extra vitamins. Try to get some daily physical activity if you can. You deserve all of the good things to be poured into you, and if you let the holidays steal all of your energy away it can be really difficult to recover.

holiday depression maria antoinette

Missing relatives who are not with us

The holidays are a time for the family to come together, but some people are missing those who can never be with them again. For some, the holidays are a reminder of all the people who they wish were there along with them. Holidays when you’re in mourning, especially if you are going through that first holiday without a loved one, can be so difficult. Try to reach out to your loved ones who are going through the holidays while bereaved. Your call will mean so much to them.

Concerns over relatives who ARE with us

Just like not all money is good money, not all family is good family. Family can be a source of love and support, but it can also be toxic. If your family members are in the latter category, it can feel like the halls won’t be the only thing you want to deck. Breathe deeply. Be honest with yourself about who you do and do not want to gather around your table this season. It is ok to say no to toxicity. It is ok to say no to having your holiday ruined by an inconsiderate relative.

There are many reasons why someone could be suffering from holiday depression, but these are just a few. If you start to feel your holiday depression creep up here are some tips to combat it. However, if you notice yourself or someone you care about dealing with feelings of depression for longer than two weeks, give yourself or them the gift of good medical care. Depression that lasts two weeks or more should be treated by a doctor.


Have you ever suffered from holiday depression? If different from the reasons before please feel free to share along what you did to overcome it, if you’ve overcome it. Lots of people are struggling and sometimes it takes seeing others who have gone through to know you are not alone.

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