Imagine if one of our favorite role models set a goal, failed and gave up because they tried already. How unfascinating of a story would that be? Keep that in mind as you get the urge to post your New Year Resolution and feel some apprehension to share because of possible criticism. In 2018 set your same goals sis; even if you’ve set them the year before and the year before that. Don’t let the negativity discourage you from trying something that is obviously on your heart and mind to do.

Do you need three reasons you should not feel embarrassed or ashamed of being a repeat resolution maker? Here they are….

If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again.

Some of the most successful people today and in history found success after facing many failures. Hence the “you don’t fail, you learn” quotes you can Google as soon as you are done reading this post. With every failed attempt at doing something, you’ve learned. Perhaps you learned your limits or how to avoid distraction. Maybe you learned a different method since your tried and true method didn’t work out for the best. Look back at your resolutions from 2017 and look back at your year.


Which goal did you miss and why?

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You’ll find that after acknowledging where you went wrong, you’ll be more equipped and motivated to get it right!

New Year, New You. Right?

As much as people hate this cliche’ statement, it holds weight. Personally, my growth in a year’s time is always incredible. I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve grown at all over the course of a year then you are a better version of yourself and more than ready to take on goals you set for yourself!

This year, “new me” has a new attitude and perspective. “New me” developed an appreciation for what I have and learned to switch focus from what I don’t have. Wouldn’t you say that makes for a goal smashing ass year? Maybe “new you” started eating better, saving money, or taking better care of yourself.  Write down your improvements and notate how they are beneficial in helping you reach goals in 2018.

Focusing on opinions is a waste of focus.

“Why would I hop in some beef? When I can just hop in a Porsche?” – Cardi B.

If Cardi B’s 2017 taught you one thing, it’s to believe in yourself with no regard for any criticism. Cardi worked hard, stayed true to self, and surpassed goals she set for herself in the process.

Don’t spend time worrying about what people will say or think after learning of your goal to accomplish last years’ goals. Do you.

Reaching a goal is rewarding. Reaching a goal after many failed attempts is even more rewarding.  What are some old goals you have in mind for New Years Resolutions? Drop your goals below and as always, thanks for reading! Oh. Also, if you have a minute be sure to stop by IG and say hello See you there!

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