Do you often find yourself feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed, so much so that it has an impact on your health, your mental state and your performance in life? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer from this on a daily basis, it’s called burnout. 

Use Your Burnout to Find Your Purpose maria antoinette tmablog

A quick Google search on the effects of burnout will give you no shortage of articles instructing you to invest in self-care, by doing things that you love and taking short breaks as a way to prevent and tackle these burnouts. But what if you’re already in the midst of being burned out? What are some ways to get through it and to also use your burnout as a way to serve a higher purpose? In this post, you’ll discover how you could use your burnout to find your purpose and passions in life, and give your life a new meaning. 

Suffering From Burnout? Here Things You Can Do To Help You Overcome It

Use Your Burnout to Find Your Purpose maria antoinette tmablog

The first step is to take note of all the things that make you feel stressed, worried, frustrated, and anxious. Keep this list someplace where you can always reach it so that you can update it as necessary. Once you’ve jotted those things down now you’re going to list the ways you can go about accomplishing these things without the added stress and anxiety. Start to implement those ways into your routine. The key is to slowly faze out your old way of doing things so you can let go of those feelings in order to get things done.

The next step is to learn to say “no.” I know it’s hard cause you to want to do everything but the truth is you can’t. Sit down and look at your calendar so that you can visually analyze how much time you really have available. This is to prevent you from overextending yourself. You may only have time for two projects, not three. Because three projects mean you’ll work long days or on the weekends but with two projects you’ll home at a decent hour and the weekends will be for you. If its something that you must do then you should delegate those projects to others in order to keep yourself from feeling burdened.

*Extra tip: Don’t put too many things back to back on your schedule. You need free time on your schedule time in between projects to rest your mind and your body. 

Lastly, if you find yourself falling back into old habits don’t beat yourself up. Take a breath and reset. It’s important to focus on the fact that you’re trying not the end result. Especially in the beginning before your new habits become apart of your routine. Also, remember establishing new habits takes time. So don’t worry yourself about your transformation not happening overnight. Take it one day at a time. 

Now Let’s Talk About Some Ways You Can Use Your Burnout To Find Your Purpose

Start From Here

There are many reasons that could be fueling your burnout. It could be because you’re feeling dissatisfied with life and where it is for you now, or because of certain unresolved mental issues. You might be feeling stuck in life, and feel like now is the time for you to get un-stuck and rebuild your life. Think of your current condition as you having a certain set of ingredients to cook up a dish. Ask yourself what you can do from here? What can you make out of your situation now? The idea is for you to start seeing yourself and your situation in a better, more empowering light. 

Finding New Meaning

You could possibly be suffering from burnout because you’re not happy with your work life. You may have had set goals for yourself with a specific vision you saw for yourself. But something happened to cause you to hit a roadblock on the way. A good way to use that burnout to your benefit is to find new meaning in the work you’re currently doing. Think of ways to reignite that fire. If that’s not possible then perhaps it may be time for you to seek a new job or career. Think about what you’re most passionate about and how this could be a path to ending your burnout while also injecting new meaning into your life.

Ditch What Holds you Back

Another common reason behind burnouts for many is setting very high expectations and aiming for perfection. If you find yourself having a to-do list that is way longer than those around you then you’re most likely doing too much at one time. A good way to transform this burnout into something more productive is to let go of things that aren’t urgent. Prioritize what really needs to get done right now and focus on that. You’ll get a lot more done by investing your time in what you truly need. 

Do you have any tips that have helped you use your burnout to find your purpose? Share with me in the comments below.

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