Black women are typically made to feel like we should dull our shine and make ourselves smaller in the world around us. We worry about the perception of others and try to play by the rules. We have a tendency to go out of our way so we aren’t labeled as “ghetto”, “unprofessional” or “angry”. Freedom of creative expression is something that we as black women have held back for many years. So of course, I am LOVING how many of us are all about that BLACK GIRL MAGIC and not depriving ANYONE of it. Rocking bold color hair is something I wanted to do since I was a teen. It wasn’t about rebellion, it was my creative outlet. Who among us doesn’t want to change up their look?

If you would love to rock a bold hue but need some inspiration, look no further. Below are some amazing women who don’t “play by the rules” when it comes to their hair.

Red Hot


IG: The Maria Antoinette

When I saw this picture I GASPED with delight. Maria is bringing the fire with this look. I also loved that she was not afraid to rock a bold lip. Be creative when it comes to mixing your bold hair with your makeup. Maria is doing everything right!

If red is too bold for you, check out the beautiful bold blonde look Maria has created with her wig line Royal Prerogative. You are guaranteed to stop people in their tracks from admiring your beautiful tresses.

Unicorn Love


IG: Studiomucci

Amina is the epitome of all things unicorn. Just look at that amazing flower wall in her house! she lets her black girl magic shine and you cant help but smile when you look at her IG page. I love these pastel unicorn braids.

Pretty in Pink


IG: JackiAina

Jackie is here to slay your edges! This pink look is everything cotton candy dreams are made of.

Purple Power


IG: Floridanatural83

Purple has always been a favorite color of mine. Purple is playful but its also the color of royalty. If you don’t want to dye your entire head a bold color you can do like I did and dye clip ins. You will still have that bold look but you are able to switch it up as well.

50 Shades of grey



There use to be time that you would have to wait until you reached a certain age to have grey tresses. Not anymore. There are so many shades of grey that you can make work for your comfort level. Ohemma is showing us this ethereal way to wear grey hair. I love the flowers as an added touch.

Green Goodess


IG: Soulxgasms

Green is not just for the trees. This look is perfect for enjoying a day outdoors. Taking in all that summer has to offer.


Rose Gold Gal


IG: Donedo

When it comes to bold looks, Donedo is KILLING IT! She has rocked so many hues over the years. One of my favorites is this Rose Gold color and big bouncy curls.

Orange Opulence


IG dayelasoul

Keep in mind when rocking bold colors its not all or nothing. Daye is a great example of that. She is still rocking the bold color even if her hair is not all the same tone.

Blue Beauty


IG: Lisaalamode

I can’t take my eyes of Lisa. The blues and the tapered cut are giving me LIFE. This look was created with temporary spray-on hair color. Perfect to use if you are testing out which color you want to dye your hair.

Rainbow Bright


IG: Brainsnbeats

Lets not forget about our young queens. We would never want to stifle their creativity at a young age. I am here for Eden’s Rainbow bright braids. Using temporary bold color looks(braids, spray on color etc) are a great way for our kids to express themselves without committing to one specific color of hair in their young age.


There you have it, some great inspiration for you to get out there and rock a bold hair color. Just remember that there is no wrong way to rock these colors. We are all individuals and our hair is one way we can show that individuality and creativity.What are some colors your are interested in trying out?

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Amber strives to be an open book and share her love of family, fashion, and beauty. She loves to share her experiences as a mother, wife and plus size woman in her lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. No topic is off limits. Fashion and being plus sized, Surviving PPD, being married for over a decade, dealing with infertility and PCOS and using humor and love as a means to encourage those who are going through the same thing. You can catch her on YouTube (FloridaNatural83) and Instagram @Theambernycole.
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