From my own experiences I can attest to the saying, “words are powerful.” Oftentimes we let our words rip into the atmosphere aimlessly, instead of using them to project positivity and peace. I have found myself in many situations where I have allowed toxic words to control my mood instead of shifting the atmosphere with statements of positivity.  Affirmations are simple sayings, typically one or two lines, that serve as daily encouragement and motivation to focus on the positive aspects of your life.  I love to use daily affirmations to help set and control the tone of my day.

Whether I am focusing on prosperity, health, love, forgiveness, relationships, healing, or my career, there are three simple tips that have significantly impacted the effectiveness of using affirmations…

  • Be consistent

As a mother I know that life does not always go according to the plan. However, there is a certain sense of peace that one can achieve when we establish and maintain a routine. I have made it a point to pick certain activities that are “must-haves” in my day. My self affirmations are at the top of that list. The best way to be consistent is to pick a location in your home that you will access shortly after waking up. The bathroom is my go to place to put my “first thing in the morning” affirmations.

These statements of encouragement allow me to set the tone of my day.

Repeat after me…

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Versus waking up, checking social media and then being smacked in the face with bad news. Implementing affirmations helps to establish a habit that conditions your mind to automatically reject any ounce of negativity and self doubt.

With the help of affirmations we have the ability to set our minds to only receive and project out positivity, encouragement, and wisdom.

  • Put them in your “safe” zones

I know I cannot be the only mom out there that runs to the bathroom and locks the door at least once a day! Well your spot may not be the bathroom, but I am sure that you have a space similar in your home. I like to call these spaces “safe zones.” If when you are feeling overwhelmed you run to your bathroom, simply stick a post-it note on the wall that says “you’ve got this!”

If you need some extra motivation before walking into work, put a note on your car visor reminding yourself to have a positive day and how amazing you are at your job!

Daily affirmation ✨

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  • Believe what you are saying

There is no point in reciting something daily that you do not believe. Affirmations serve as reminder of who we are, what we have, or what we are capable of achieving. Personally as a mom and a wife, there are numerous days when I have to remind myself of my strength. When I look in the mirror at myself, I smile and proclaim “I am a great mother. I am a great wife. I am ready for this journey.” Pairing a smile and emotion with your affirmation helps to exponentially increase your self-confidence.


When we use our words as seeds of enlightenment, encouragement, and empowerment we will ultimately reap a harvest of positivity, power, and peace.

Remember to be consistent with your affirmations. Put them in areas that you will readily visit and believe in the powerful statements that you proclaim.  Now smile and repeat after me “I have the ability to change the world!”

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite self affirmations? Have you found them to be beneficial in your life? Check out a list of affirmations on my blog at

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Brittany Spencer is a full time wife and mother who has a heart for spreading awareness for autism and holistic health. She believes that finding the balance within yourself can unlock not only your purpose but also your full potential. Her passion for holistic health is the inspiration behind her blog and her all natural and organic product line, Curfew. You can find her at or IG: @intobritsworld
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