Where do I even start with social media!? This thing is like a drug and we can’t help but refresh once, twice, ten times a day! We spend an hour in the bathroom because we have our phone with us when it should probably take us ten minutes to get out of there. We can’t help but check all of our social media multiple times a day. It is an addiction and the more attention we get from them, the more we want. I’m here to remind you of the saying “All things in moderation” and to emphasize this saying directly applies to social media.


Do you ever find yourself doing things you would not do on a regular for some attention on social media?

pros-cons-social-media-alexandrapb-the-maria-antoinetteI hate to say it but the majority of us let likes, fake compliments and “social media” friendships get to our head. It is important to detach sometimes and come back to the real world. Watching everyone living the life on social media can sometimes make you question what you are doing wrong.

Often times we want something that does not even exist. Whether that be the life being painted as perfect or the appearance being over edited. We are all human and we can all admit that often times when we see something, we want to have it. Watching people’s social media stories should not make you feel like you are missing out if you didn’t partake in the latest activity that occurred last night. Solitude is important. You should never feel if you are not in the mix, then you are missing out big time.

If you decide to have social media accounts, you should be at peace and content with yourself.

Seeing what others are doing should not affect you or your life decisions. We forget that these are just pictures and videos being captured at perfect times. We don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes. Browsing your social media can easily influence you to think people are living THE LIFE! A much better life than you. However, keep in mind, we all go through things that our followers are not aware of. That is a testament, solid proof of how things look perfect on the outside but that is not always the reality.

Don’t get me wrong, social media can have it’s benefits. It can motivate you and push you to want more. Provide you access to places and people you wouldn’t otherwise experience at all. However, you should not let it dictate your next move. It is entertainment and a great point of reference for connections to different opportunities. My bottom line is that it should be used wisely. Too much of anything is bad.

Your time will come. Stay focused!

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