Life is a learning process. Everyday you’re existing, you are constantly trying to do better than the previous day. This all of course, is being done subconsciously because as humans, we only want to do better to be better for ourselves. In some cases, you want to be better for a job, a relationship, there are subcategories galore; all-in-all, you are constantly growing and evolving.

When I was growing up, my parents always used to tell me to think before I speak. I wasn’t a wild, reckless child, but my parents stressed the need to evaluate before proceeding with anything. Taking caution is key. I think we all go through phases of “living fast” and as a result of that, I feel like down-hill experiences arise. Once too many moments don’t add up, take a step back and rethink.

There are also those moments of being lost within yourself, and I can say from experience, that getting out of that state of mind, is a process as well. When you feel as though you’re existing but not living, is when I think you should take a step back and try to figure out your purpose. Everyone has a purpose. This spark of uncertainty can happen at any age, and I think it is relatable to so many people.

Have you ever asked yourself “What am I doing? Why am I here? What makes me happy?”, then find yourself at a standstill?

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I mean really ask yourself those questions and being honest about your answers. Having a passion for something, can create an everlasting and fulfilling life. To wake up everyday and say that you’re doing something you love, or you’re existing in a place that you love deeply can really set your life’s eternal mood. Happiness is such a beneficial vitamin that we need because life is too precious, and too important to not enjoy it. Make the best out of everything life has to offer, but at the same time think about what’s coming your way first.

Step back, and check yourself. I do not want this to be a juxtaposition between checking yourself and being overprotective of yourself. There is a major difference here. I think people that are strictly overprotective, are not living their life as it should be; I think they are holding back. When you’re checking yourself, you’re just making sure that whatever decision you’re making or route you’re taking, isn’t detrimental to you. Everything isn’t for everybody.

Individually, you are on your own path to find out what is solely for YOU. Life allows you to figure yourself out, and learn to love the person that you are becoming and destined to be. When I realized my calling and realized who I was as a person, I felt unstoppable; I still feel unstoppable. I cherish myself deeply because I know that I was put here to create, share, and enjoy. By taking a step back to evaluate my voice, and who I wanted to touch with my words. I overcame insecurities and became a fearless spirit who thoroughly enjoys life.

Please, step back and think about who you are; you’ll love the outcome.

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Rakiya George of Jersey City, NJ. College graduate who majored in Journalism and minored in Television & Radio: I’ve always had an immense love for journalism and college lead me into the direction of fashion journalism, which eventually made me realize that I just love being a creative and speaking on topics that everyone can relate to and have meaning. My purpose is solely to create and spread positivity throughout any platform I become a part of. I hope you enjoy!
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