One of the purest art forms is poetry; it’s raw, spiritual, and needed. Its purpose is forever timeless, and relevant no matter what you’re feeling while reading or listening. Poetry revolutionizes our feelings, and whether it is about current events, love, heartbreak, or feeling empowered, poetry seems to always hit the nail right on the head. The feeling is euphoric when you can find yourself in someone else’s words, or you realize that your view on how the world is just as beautifully depicted as that of poets. In the spirit of our beloved Maya Angelou, here are some young poets who have touched our hearts through their words and had our minds boggling with beauty throughout the past years:

Aja Monet – What I’ve Learned


Twitter @aja_monet

Alysia Harris – That Girl

Twitter @poppyinthewheat

Danez Smith – Twerking as a Radical Form of Healing

Twitter @Danez_Smif

Jasmine Mans – Dear Ex Lover

Twitter @PoetJasmineMans

Hanif Abdurraqib – The Crown Ain’t Worth Much

Twitter @NifMuhammad

Mahogany L. Browne – Blurred Vision

Twitter @mobrowne

Warsan Shire – For Women Who Are Difficult to Love

Twitter @warsan_shire

What are some poets that you absolutely adore? Comment below!

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Rakiya George of Jersey City, NJ. College graduate who majored in Journalism and minored in Television & Radio: I’ve always had an immense love for journalism and college lead me into the direction of fashion journalism, which eventually made me realize that I just love being a creative and speaking on topics that everyone can relate to and have meaning. My purpose is solely to create and spread positivity throughout any platform I become a part of. I hope you enjoy!
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