Happiness is something that everyone tries to attain. For some, they feel like it can’t be achieved in this lifetime. Life itself is not perfect and sometimes people misconstrue happiness with perfection. Even with imperfections and obstacles that life throws at us, we can still be happy.

I personally have used these four ways in my life and even while dealing with mental health issues and stress I can honestly say that I am happy. I wanted to share these things with you in hopes that you too can be happy.

happiness amber razmus maria antoinette

Key #1 – Be Content

In this day an age success is believed to be attained with material things. We live in a “GET A NEW ONE” society. Upgrade your phone every 6 months, Get a new car lease every three years, buy the latest fashions etc. Now, none of this is bad, however, when you are content with what you have then you can focus your time and energy on more important things (family, friends, you). While we do need money to survive, we should avoid greed and the mentality of we NEED bigger, better, newer. Even if you are able to amass a huge amount of wealth that will not add an inch to happiness. However, if we are content with the things we have we can focus on family and friends that can really bring true happiness.

Key # 2- Avoid Envy

Success looks different for everyone. There are plenty of people who have worked very hard for what they have and may have more than you do. Instead of being jealous of what they have, we can instead focus on giving commendation for a job well done. We don’t know their story, we don’t know how long it took them to get where they are. Envy can poison our ability to enjoy the good things in life. It can also diminish our gratitude of life’s many gifts to us. When we put envy aside and really focus on ourselves and our own success then we will be happy and also be sincere when we tell someone else we are happy for their success.

happiness amber razmus maria antoinette

Key # 3 – Cultivate and show love to others

When we are sad the first thing we want to do is be alone. It’s the times when we’re feeling down that we need people the most. I find when I go out and help people it makes me happy. I don’t just help to make me happy. It helps to show love to others. In order for us as humans to be happy we need to give and receive love. Love is patient and kind. When we take the focus off of ourselves and do selfless acts of kindness we are able to be happy.

Key # 4 – Build Resilience

None of us have a perfect life, we all will have down days. When we are resilient that will help us bounce back and get through the tough times. We want to be kind to ourselves and not beat ourselves up. We ALL make mistakes. We never want to think that we are a failure or think we are useless. When we make mistakes in our life we have to have a healthy outlook and recognize that these mistakes are natural occurrences and everyone goes through them. We can’t dwell on them. Instead, we can focus on the positive aspects of our life and show appreciation.

No one will have happy days every day but if you stop and think about all the small things in your life and the things you have accomplished. You are sure to be happy. What are some things that bring you joy in your life? For me, it’s my family. You can check out what we are up too over on my Instagram account Floridanatural83.

Comment below and tell me what brings you joy and happiness.

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Amber strives to be an open book and share her love of family, fashion, and beauty. She loves to share her experiences as a mother, wife and plus size woman in her lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. No topic is off limits. Fashion and being plus sized, Surviving PPD, being married for over a decade, dealing with infertility and PCOS and using humor and love as a means to encourage those who are going through the same thing. You can catch her on YouTube (FloridaNatural83) and Instagram @Theambernycole.
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