For those of you who were stuck at home during CurlFest, Instagram hashtag #CurlFest2017 will provide all the recap you need to get your life! I just couldn’t get over how many photos there are to be adored. From gorgeous black men to beautiful black babies and stunning black women….this is a hashtag worth your time. Bask in the glory.

Here are a few of my favorites! And trust me, picking just a few of them was tough!





















I think it is safe to say, there is so much to love about these photos. Even more safe to say, we all will have to be in attendance at next year’s CurlFest and soaking up all the magic in person! Check out the Instagram hashtag #CurlFest2017 for yourself and try to pick ONE favorite. Dare I say, it’s pretty much impossible. For tips on how to survive CurlFest Sisterhued breaks it down.


Thanks for stopping by! Which of these photos is your favorite? Will you be attending CurlFest in the future? Maybe I’ll see you there! Until then, feel free to meet me over on Instagram and tag me in your favorite #CurlFest2017 photos !

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Tiffany Renee

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Tiffany is a full time mother and creative. She is almost always thinking of a master plan and is currently pouring all her creative juice into her recent launch of Official Curl Gang, a community focused on the empowerment of women of color and promoting love of natural hair. When Tiffany steps away from her startup business, she enjoys spending time with family, writing, and indulging in unusual amounts of sea salt caramel gelato. You can catch up with Tiffany via IG: where she loves to meet new #curlfriends and be sure to check out her line of statement tees and blog at
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