Holidays mean holiday parties! We host and gather, laugh and drink. Some parties are themed “ugly sweater”, while others are simply meant to make memories. I’m looking forward to attending some holiday parties this year and accessorizing my natural hair with holiday decor. Yes, you read it right. I basically plan on decorating my hair! What are your plans? Will you be getting festive and putting your joy on display? If so, take a look at these creative, simple, and inexpensive looks I’ve come up with!

Look One

natural hair Tiffany Renee maria antoinette tma blog

For this look I used one roll of wired ribbon. I cut a long strip, placed it around the back of my head, pulled both ends to the front, and tied a bow. Simple! Price: $1.00

Look Two

natural hair Tiffany Renee maria antoinette tma blog

This look was super easy. I plucked each flower from its stem placed a small, closed bobby pin on the back, and placed the poinsettias in my hair as I desired. This look is definitely a “go big,or go home” option! Price: $1.00 flower stem, $1.00 bobby pin.

Look Three

natural hair Tiffany Renee maria antoinette tma blog

About 15 pipecleaners later, I completed this look and loved it. This one took the most time and was worth every second. I simply purchased a pack of pipe cleaners and twisted two around each other’s ends (repeat). Estimated crafting time was no longer than 5 minutes. Can you spare 5 minutes? Price: $1.00

I can’t say I have a favorite look. I love how they all turned out and would choose which one to wear based on what party I was heading to. If you noticed I have a tapered cut and wonder how this will work for your natural hair, no need to overthink it. All three of these looks will work for a pineapple or full fro! And guess what? I pulled each look together after stopping at one store. Dollar Tree. I doubt you can show your holiday cheer any cheaper and faster!

Which look is your favorite? Let’s take a vote! Comment “First. Second. Third.” below.

Oh! And be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see how you slayed your final look!

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