What’s not to love about protective styles!? They are convenient, promote healthy hair, and offer the ultimate versatility. We definitely love the pros. What do we hate about protective styles? Dry and/or itchy scalp, dandruff, odor, accumulated oils/sweat, etc. So we do what we can to minimize the cons of protective styling. There are tons of routines, regimes, and methods for getting the job done. In my opinion, I have found the most simple method of caring for your scalp. No excessive steps required, I used three products the entire time I wore my protective style and found them to be perfect! Here’s the details on the most simple way to care for you scalp….

What I used:


  • Rinse Out – Cantu Refresh Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse

Comments: This is essentially a combination product. If I were to wash my hair while wearing a protective style, this is the product I would use. I decided against washing with this particular style because the weight of wet faux locs was just something I preferred to avoid. The root rinse is an apple cider vinegar rinse and conditioner. So it saves you the headache of learning portions and being a mixologist in your own kitchen. This product does require rinsing. I am planning to use this once I remove my protective style.

  • Leave-in – Cantu Refresh Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief

Comments: This product comes in a gel form and contains peppermint oil. Once you add this directly to your scalp it dries down and pulls excess oils and debris from your scalp and releases into the air. My whole regimen has improved since using this product. I did not shampoo my hair for three weeks due to using this product. Its amazing, hands down.

  • No Residue Co-wash – Cantu Refresh Dry Co-wash with Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil

Comments: My favorite thing about this spray is the fact that it does NOT leave a white residue. I find that most dry shampoos leave a horrible white residue behind. Since I work out consistently and am always on the go, this is the product I found to be the most useful. This spray smells amazing and has a tea tree oil, an antibacterial, in the ingredients. I spray this directly on my faux locs and directly on my scalp. It refreshes my protective style instantly.

Here is my full commentary on these products:

Now I know that we all think of protective styles as less work than taking care of our natural locs. True, it is less work, but there is still maintenance that we all need to do to reap the benefits of protective styling. Be sure to look into these products to lighten the load and care for your scalp. What product are of interest to you? Perhaps all three products will work for you! What do you do to care for your scalp while wearing a protective style? Chime in below! I would love to hear from you!

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– MA

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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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