Snapchat was the first thing that popped into my mind when thinking of a simple, affordable and creative halloween costume. I’m willing to bet if you asked any of your friends what they like most about Snapchat, they would say the filters! Some of them are fun, some of them are scary, and some even take our beauty to the next level. In this post, I will show you how to bring three of most popular filters to life, as well as a life size iPhone. So. Are you ready to steal the show at this years’ Halloween functions? Let’s get started.

What I used:

White iPhone:



  • Use tape to measure cutting area for plexiglass
  • Use plexiglass to measure the inside cutting area for styrofoam board
  • Cut styrofoam board using exacto knife
  • Remove plastic from plexiglass and place over styrofoam cut out
  • Prep for adding on handles
  • Measure rope material to make sure it fits on each side as handles
  • Hot glue the each tip of the material down to create a handle
  • Hot glue down the edges of the plexiglass to the styrofoam cut out
  • Cut edges of styrofoam board in a rounded shape
  • TIP: use one side of the board to cut, use same side to glue
  • Using a small bottle (puff paint bottle) trace out a circle
  • Freehand draw the smaller circles at the top of the phone using puff paint/marker
  • Print out the snapchat icon for use as a stencil (enlarge to fit life size phone)
  • Freehand draw the other snapchat images that show on your real screen
  • Place sheet of paper under plexiglass
  • Trace each icon/image onto plexiglass using white puff paint
  • Allow puff paint to dry


Flower Crown:

What I used:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flower head band – Forever 21
  • Flowers – Hobby Lobby
  • Scissors


  • Use an old headband, flower or workout band
  • Group and trim flowers from bouquet
  • Reference printed picture for building out the flower crown
  • Cut out and trim leaves
  • Hot glue flowers onto headband
  • Hot glue leaves to headband
  • Repeat until headband looks full


Dog Filter:

What I Used:

  • Printed out dog filter
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden stick
  • Tape
  • Scissors


  • Print out Snapchat dog filter in color
  • Cut out ears nose and tongue
  • Cut pipe cleaners and attach to the back of each dog ear using tape
  • Tape a stick (popsicle stick, paint brush, etc.) to the back of the dog tongue
  • Place double sided tape on the back of the dog nose
  • Stick double sided tape to your nose and attach dog nose
  • Lift hair and place each ear (pipecleaner) on each side of your head
  • TIP: When doing makeup for this look it helps to really contour your nose


Ice Cream/Cloud Filter:

What I Used:

  • Plastic pie topper
  • Cheap glasses – Dollar Store
  • Puff Paint (for rainbow and pink color)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Blue lipstick & White lipstick
  • Thin paint brush


  • Trace your eye glasses onto a sheet of paper
  • Freehand draw the ice cream and cloud shapes over the glasses
  • Cut out the shape and place onto hard plastic
  • Using the cut out as a stencil, trace the shape onto the hard plastic
  • Cut out the traced shape
  • Trace/draw details on the plastic using puff paint (Be sure to reference picture of filter)
  • Deconstruct the eye glasses
  • Remove the lenses and cut the middle bridge and ends of the frame
  • Hot glue the arms and nose bridge to the back of the hard plastic
  • Makeup: Blue lipstick on bottom, mix the blue with a white lipstick for the top
  • Use blue lipstick to draw two tear drops on cheek

Interested in seeing the full video? Check it out:

Attention to detail can go a long way with DIY projects. This one is no different. While it is very inexpensive to complete, it definitely pays to take your time. Building the iPhone was my favorite part of this DIY Halloween costume. Which part is your favorite? Chime in below. I would love to hear from you. You are also invited to sign up for my newsletter so you will always be in the know with all things MA. If newsletters aren’t your thing simply download my App!

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Maria Antionette is a professional hairstylist, DIY creator and fashion lover with a belief that beauty can be fun, easy and simple.
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