As a parent feeding your kid is one of the most precious jobs of parenting. All parents out there are highly concerned with providing their kids with all the important nutrition their body needs for proper development of mind as well as physical development. No parent wants their child to be deprived of nutritious food. If you give your kid the right food which their body needs in the very initial stage it will help them grow faster and better.

Now, you need to know what kind of foods your child likes to eat. You crucial that you serve your child healthy options however, it completely depends on them to eat all of it or not to eat at all. As a good parent, you need to instill good and healthy eating habits in your child’s daily routine. Use a little positive parenting and allow your child to explore their taste buds. Give them time to know if they like to eat meat or are vegetarians.

Keep in mind your child’s appetite may also change from day-to-day. So forcing your child to eat anything is not a good option. If they aren’t eating enough or is not interested in eating healthy foods do not panic but have patience. Good eating habits developed during the early stages will help your child maintain the pattern in the future as well. There are many distinct ways to feed your kid all the healthy food their body demands at such a stage.

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Try The “Tummy Talk”

Notice the way your child eats daily. It is essential to understand the proper eating pattern of your kid to know how your child’s tummy talks to their brain. This will help you know which is the best time to feed him. Tummy talk will also give you a clear image if your kid is undereating or overeating. For example, you will notice that your child’s tummy gets full just after the 15 minutes the food touches the tummy. If your kid is physically very active that will also determine your kid’s hunger whether he needs to catch up or slow down a bit.

Don’t Let Them Overeat

In case you notice that your kid is overeating then it is not good for him. You can stop them by starting off with smaller portions. Then if he demands more you can serve some more later. This will help your kids brain to catch up with normal eating and will also keep your kid healthy. ADo not let him around any distractions while eating as it will help him focus on his appetite. If your kid does not eat some portions of food on his plate then it is his choice. For example, if he leaves the veggies and eats all the meat. But this does not mean you will end up serving more meat to make up for the missing veggies.

Don’t Let Them Undereat

Do not ignore if your child is eating any less than what his body needs. Try taking the following strategies to interest them such as offer food at appropriate times every single day. This will make them feel hungry around the same time each day. Offer a small snack to boost them up. Do not offer mounds of snacks as they will end up losing their appetite. Avoid giving them alternative meals for something they do not eat. Your child must learn to adapt to eating a healthy meal at the moment.

Healthy Eating Habits maria antoinette tmablog

Let Them See YOU Eat Healthy

Kids follow what their parents do. They also take notice of what kinds of foods you’re bringing into the house. When they see the fridge stocked with healthy goodness then they will gravitate towards that because that’s all they’ll know. If you’re making a lifestyle change to healthy eating talk to your children about why this change is important, how it will affect the family going forward, and how you’re taking the lead in the way everyone will be eating. 

Involve Kids In Meal Prep

Kids love being involved with things. They want to be little helpers and when it comes down to grocery shopping and meal prep it’s no different. Talk to them about meal options and let them choose the family meal from the options you’ve provided. Also, bring your child into the kitchen with you to see the process of how the food is prepared. Having them take part not only makes for good bonding time but it will also get them excited to eat what they’ve had a hand in help preparing. 

Make Eating Healthy Fun

Getting some children to eat healthy can be easy and for others not so much. Developing healthy eating habits in children shouldn’t be treated so harshly. It should be a fun activity to make the child relaxed so they’ll be open to trying something new. When there’s anger and yelling this will make the process even harder as they will resist you at every turn. When your child is relaxed and happy it will make eating their fruits and veggies more pleasurable for everyone.

Healthy Eating Habits maria antoinette tmablog


What are some of the ways you instill healthy eating habits in your children? Share with me in the comments below.

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