I am beyond grateful for all of the life lessons and words of wisdom I’ve learned and received over the last decade. It’s been beyond beneficial to me and helped me grow as an individual. In a previous IG post, I talked about things I was leaving behind in the last decade and today I wanted to expand on that and talk about 8 things you need to leave behind in the new year. I want you to start the new year off right and I think these life lessons I’ve learned over the last 10 years will help you do that.

Not Taking Care of Your Mental Health

When things get to be too much and you find yourself feeling stressed, angry, and miserable recognize that it’s time to take a break. Leave behind the idea that you have to soldier on and carry those burdens. It’s not helpful to you or those around you. Going forward know that it’s okay to step back to give your mind, body, and spirit all the time it needs to care for itself. Remember, self-care isn’t a trendy term, it’s a way of life. One that you should be practicing as often as possible. 

Not Knowing Your Worth

Don’t go into the new year undercutting yourself. Know the value you bring to the table and ask for everything you deserve. The time of allowing people to take advantage of you is over. Have faith in yourself, your knowledge, and your capabilities. If something doesn’t make sense to you project wise or financially don’t do it. Now sure, you may think you’re missing out on something by passing up that opportunity or leaving a job you’ve had after several years but I promise you God has something better is coming that is perfect for you.

Saying Yes To Everything

Learn to say no in the new year. Stop being a people pleaser thinking you have to say yes to everything that’s asked of you. If you don’t want to do something – don’t do it. Periodt. And don’t feel guilty about it afterward either. Know your limitations. Why say yes to another project when you know you don’t have time for it? So now you’re overloaded and stressed. Why say you’ll go somewhere when you really don’t want to be bothered? Now you’re out miserable counting the minutes until it’s time to leave. That makes no sense. Adding no to your vocab will transform your life, trust me. 

Toxic People and Relationships

Please don’t bring those toxic people and relationships with you into the new year. Only fill your circle with those who are going to add value to your life. Meaning, they are helping you, supporting you, and bringing positivity and light into your life. People who don’t bring any positivity to your life should absolutely be left behind. I understand how hard cutting off a family member can be but think of it this way, by keeping them at a distance you are giving yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Don’t let anyone’s negativity to dim your light.  

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Having Fear of The Unknown

Having fear is a natural human trait. But when we allow that fear to prevent us from finding our passions and living out our dreams it becomes a hindrance.  For the new year push the fear out of your mind and conquer those fears. Pack a bag and take a solo trip, change careers, or start a new business. Don’t allow fear and doubt shape your life into a bunch of shoulda woulda coulda. We only live once and you should make sure that you live this life happy and to the fullest.   

Not Taking Care Proper Care of Your Body

Now that you’re taking breaks for your mental health it’s time to start working on your physical health as well. How do you do that? You can start minding what you’re eating by staying away from unhealthy foods that are loaded with sugars, fats, and other additives. Drinking more water to keep your body cleansed, hydrated, and youthful. Practice yoga and meditation or you can do other forms of fitness. The point is to be healthy inside and out. 

Trying To Be Perfect

No one is perfect. Not a single soul. So why are you trying to be? Trying to live a life of perfectionism will prevent you from fully enjoying life. How? Because you’re so consumed with the idea of not making mistakes that it will cause you to make the very mistakes you didn’t want to make and it will throw you off your original goal. So in the new year stop trying to live the life free of error and embrace experiencing everything that life has to offer flaws and all.

Living in Sorrow and Pain

There is nothing wrong with feeling sorrow its natural emotion to have. The thing is, you don’t want sorrow to consume your everyday life. It’s important that we live in those painful feelings but only temporarily and then begin the process of releasing those feelings so that you can heal yourself. Living in a constant state of grief and sorrow will not only prevent you from letting go of the pain that needs to be released but it will also keep you from living your best life. So in the new year be like Elsa, and let it go. 

leave behind in the new year maria antoinette tmablog

What is your list of things to leave behind in the new year? Share with me in the comments below.

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