As a person who loves all things beauty I’m sure you can guess that I adore makeup! If you’re a girly girl like me, or just like changing up your look, I’m sure you enjoy getting to experiment with various brands that are out there. Lately, I have been transitioning over to beauty brands focused more on women of color. They have the best hues that compliment my complexion. Below are a few companies that I absolutely love and I’m sure you will too!

Black Opal Beauty


As I was looking for new foundation, I stumbled across Black Opal Beauty at my local Walmart. I wanted a foundation that did not make my face look oily, so I opted on giving Black Opal a shot. I never tried cream foundation before – I have always been a liquid coverage kinda gal. But Black Opal’s True Color Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation is everything!  I absolutely love it! It isn’t oily and leaves my face looking even toned. It leaves my skin absolutely flawless. I find myself not applying as much with this foundation as the previous liquid foundations in the past.

Ginger + Liz


When I first transitioned to a healthier lifestyle, I was looking for all things healthy! My local nail salon carried Ginger + Liz so I figured I’d give it a shot. Especially being that it is a vegan and toxic friendly polish line. They have such vibrant colors to choose from. The dry time after application is much quicker than other nail polishes I’ve tried in the past. Although Ginger + Liz are known for their nail polishes, they now sell lip scrubs and hand toning creams.

Juvia’s Place

Ever since I got my hands on Juvia’s Place I honestly have not went back to any other cosmetic line for my eyeshadows. Although they exclusively sold online, my shipping time has been extremely quick. Their shipping packaging is done amazingly to ensure my makeup came exactly like the picture online. I currently own three of their palettes and I love them all! The shadows are very pigmented – so you know a little goes a long way! The palettes have names such as Nubian and Saharan. So it makes me feel like royalty when I wear it!

The Lip Bar


This vegan and toxic friendly lipstick line took over the lippie game by storm. When The Lip Bar had a pop up shop in NYC. I was able to get my hands on this product in person! The colors to choose from are endless and rich in texture. We all know how much a woman loves a great red lipstick. Well look no further! The Lip Bar’s Bawse Lady is the perfect red matte that I know you’d love!


A makeup artist told me about this line over a year ago and I quickly fell in love with them. Because they are centered around women of color, they have various hues to match all complexions. Their matte lip pencils are great! I’ve used them to match my lipsticks for extra definition. For a detailed look and review, catch Maria’s YouTube tutorial on black|Up HERE .

I’m so happy there are cosmetic lines centered around creating products for women of color.

These companies have created a space where we could enjoy quality products that focuses on our hues. If you have been looking to venture out to other lines, the ones mentioned above are a great start. They are highly pigmented and a lot of them are toxic free, which is amazing. And as a product junkie, you can trust me when I say these brands are dope.

What’s your favorite underrated beauty brand? Have you tried any of the brands mentioned above? Comment below and let me know! If you’re in need of some beauty inspiration feel free to find me on IG @imaprilchristina, and stay tuned for the launch of my health and beauty blog


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April Christina is a health and wellness blogger that resides in New York City. After being diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2010, she decided to turn her passion into purpose by educating people that adopting a healthier lifestyle can be fun and invigorating. April is a firm believer that loving yourself and your body comes from within first before it can be shown outwardly. She continues to inspire people on her website and Instagram platform @endoNme.
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