Makeup is forever evolving; the trends change as often as those in the fashion industry. Past trends went from sultry and daring, to soft and playful. Lipsticks have especially evolved over time as well. In the 90’s, dark but bold colors were in, but they were all cream based/traditional lipsticks. Manufacturers have spent lifetimes concocting and remodeling the way women wear lipstick. These same manufacturers have also made it their business to create all shades of lip wear that can adhere to any shade of woman as well.

The most current lip craze that is taking over the globe has got to be liquid to matte products. I love a solid matte! Depending on the brand, they stay on all day and only require minor touch ups. These formulas are somewhat indestructible; it’s not a joke. They add a pop of color and a super neat finish.

Here’s a list of some YouTube Glam Goddesses that have experimented with liquid to matte shades and owned it:

@Ellarie In Red

Matify Me Best Liquid to Matte Shades for Women of Color Maria Antoinette

In this look, she uses one of my favorite liquid to matte brands by Too Faced Cosmetics. The product used is their Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick in the shade “Lady Balls”. This particular lipstick line has a rainbow of bright pigmented colors that last all day long with minuscule touch ups. The application goes on smooth and dries fairly quickly, leaving an effortless finish.

@Ronkeraji In Blue

Matify Me Best Liquid to Matte Shades for Women of Color Maria Antoinette

This look takes on a bold and eclectic beat that is absolutely astonishing. She uses one of my favorite liquid to matte shades by Kat Von D Beauty, under her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line in the shade “Echo – Satin Navy Blue”. This shade is bold in itself and I love when women of color dare to stray from their comfort zone and channel beautiful colors. This is an easy formula to use that lasts all day and is easy to remove.

@AvielleAmor In Nude

Matify Me Best Liquid to Matte Shades for Women of Color Maria Antoinette

Her look channels a sexy nude lippie and I am completely here for it! I love almost anything nude and when I first dabbled with makeup, I was hesitant about how nude shades would look on my skin, but thank God for YouTube and all of their wonderful go getters! In this look, she wears The Lip Bar’s Liquid Matte lipstick in the shade “Man Eater”. The Lip Bar is a dope vegan makeup company that offers dazzling product for women of color.

@ItsMyRayeRaye In Pink


Matify Me Best Liquid to Matte Shades for Women of Color Maria Antoinette

One time for the girls who love pink! It’s honestly a color that you can never get away from and can add some sass or softness to your makeup look. Here she uses an awesome liquid to matte shade under Colour Pop’s Ultra Satin Lip line in the shade “Love Muffin.” It’s sweet, cute, and not your average shade of pink. It was definitely created to make your skin pop while wearing it. The big difference with this particular lippie is that it has a smooth satin finish.

@JackieAina In Black

Matify Me Best Liquid to Matte Shades for Women of Color Maria Antoinette

In this fearless look, she uses the up and coming black owned makeup line Beauty Bakerie. This. Product. Does. Not. Come. Off. This lippie comes from their liquid matte Lip Whips line in the shade “Midnight Truffle”. I always love when women of color go the extra mile and rock a deep black shade, it always looks amazing. Beauty Bakerie offers a plethora of liquid to matte shades, and even a metallic line; check them out!

All of these women truly made their lippie selection their own. Women of color can wear ANYTHING, you cannot persuade me otherwise. From traditional reds, to outstanding corals, you can make any lipstick work with the right brand..

What’s your favorite liquid lipstick?

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