If you have full lips like me, then perhaps you were also teased like me during those adolescent years. The memory of my sixth grade class pointing at me and chanting “fish lips, fish lips” remains pretty vivid in my mind, although the memory no longer has any power. Nevertheless, I think that memory illustrates an undeniable fact: those of us with full lips had to cross more than a few hurdles to accept those beautifully-shaped attributes of ours. If you’re still struggling to accept them or be comfortable with yours, however, I’m here to declare that I completely understand! And I want you to embrace them, so here are some reasons why those lovely lips of yours are worth embracing:

Naturally Yours

I’m sure you’ve noticed on social media and in other places that plenty of women would love to have the full-lip look and sometimes go to certain extremes to get them. Guess what, though? You already have them! Isn’t it like that sometimes? The grass seems greener somewhere else until we notice that we already have green grass right where we’re standing. Embrace the fact that you naturally own lips that are definitely hot commodities right now.

lippie shirley davis maria antoinette tma blog

Creatively Yours

It may seem a bit daunting and it may garner more attention than you’re currently looking for, but I really need you, dear Full-Lipped Lady, to decorate your lips in every lip color under the sun. Because you can. One thing I began to do, after I finally fell in love with my own lips, was to experiment with lip color. From bold reds to flashy purples. I refused to allow their size and what others would think to stop me from showing them off.

Makeup lines like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty provide a variety of shades to choose from: I particularly love the new Mattemoiselle matte lips shades from Fenty. Their hues range from bold red, to deep brown, to electric blue. You may not be ready for electric blue (me either, girl, but we’ll get there), but my point: be creative. Lip glosses, lip stains–there are so many different ways to play around with your lippie. Don’t be afraid to try. Other brands I love for great lip colors and coverage are MAC (Ruby Woo is my personal favorite) and Smashbox.

(For a little Fenty inspiration, check out beauty influencer Patricia Bright trying on the new Mattemoiselle shades here!)

lippie shirley davis maria antoinette tma blog

Communally Yours

What I mean is that there is an entire community of women who have embraced their full lips who can be an inspiration to you. Our own Maria is a full-lipped lady. I always look forward to learning about new lippie colors and trends from her.

Here are a few more:

lippie shirley davis maria antoinette tma blog
(L to R: @lisaalamode, @slickwoods and @findingpaola)

Real talk: it took me several years to see my full lips as things of beauty, quite honestly. But I got there eventually. And you will, too! As you go, make use of all the visual inspirations around you and take things step by step. Or, shall we say, lip color by lip color.

Thanks for reading! Are you a full-lipped lady? How did you embrace them? Share your story in the comments below!

For more of my writing, check out my lifestyle blog at www.okyerewa.com. You can also find me on the ‘Gram at @frowriter.

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