Motherhood isn’t something I necessarily planned for, in the sense of, “I’m going to have my first kid at 26.” My pregnancy was a surprise, and I was not prepared. Being responsible for this little person, and all their needs around the clock, was a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, I threw myself into my new role as Mom. I breastfed, I made my own baby food, I hand washed the clothes (Caribbean culture dictates we hand wash the babies clothes before they wear it; everything that touches the babies skin should be fresh and clean, not out of a factory package), I was exhausted.

It became very apparent to me, how easily one can fall into a rut of not combing your hair, and throwing on sweats and a tee shirt every day.

Oh is it Monday morning already? #notamorningperson

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However, I decided that was not going to be my reality….

I decided to keep the style I was known for prior to becoming a Mother, and just tailor it a little for my new role. I put so much effort into the boys and their looks of the day, I had to make sure I looked the part as well. Coordinating the boys looks, gave me joy and not to mention it was fun! How could they look so dapper and I look like I just rolled out of bed? We had to be a cohesive unit, that is how 3TheChicWay was born, a Mom and her two stylish little men!

This is us in a nutshell, Mommy and her boys!! Hope you all had a wonderful day today. #stylehaulmoms #stylehaulfam @stylehaul

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I grew up around women who never “let themselves go”.

No matter what, my Grandmother was ALWAYS well put together. I don’t know how she did it because she had more kids than I do. Not to mention, a bunch of Grandkids running around the house. Nonetheless, you would never see her hair not done, or her clothes not ironed. She was always dressed to the nines. The same can be said for my Mom & Aunts. They did not let Motherhood deter their style. I’m certain this played a part in the determination I have to be a chic mother.

Another reason? I stayed chic after motherhood because it helped with my self-esteem.

Your body goes through so much physically to carry children into the world, not to mention the societal pressure to “snap back.” It did wonders for my spirit, to dress up, put on lipstick and make myself feel good in my new body. I did this even if I wasn’t leaving the house for the day, I know it’s superficial af, but it worked for me. When you look good, you feel good!

Stand tall knowing you’re doing the best you can with this Motherhood thing! More on 3THECHICWAY.COM! #HappyMothersDay

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Inspiring women is something I have been blessed to do.

If I can raise these boys, run a household, write these blog posts, freelance on the weekends and look good while doing so, then you can too! It just requires a little more effort in the morning, or maybe planning the looks for the week on Sundays. Motherhood has given me a confidence I’ve never known before, I love this journey and everything it comes with. The image of the modern-day mom has changed, and we don’t have to be afraid to step into that. Wear what you want, wear what makes you feels good. Who defines what a “Mom” looks like? You do!


Thanks for reading! Do you consider yourself chic? Fashionable? Drop a comment below to share your story and be sure to check out more lifestyle posts on my blog, 3TheChicWay.Com!


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Hi there, my name is Karese and I’m a lifestyle blogger, who lives to find amazing fashion at affordable prices. I am a devoted wife, and Mom to my two sons, Caleb & Joshua. I started my blog, 3TheChicWay.Com, to share all my latest style picks, discuss parenting, and to inspire Mother’s everywhere to remain chic after Motherhood! Follow my daily life on Instagram @3TheChicWay!
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