As a professional hair stylist I have had the honor and horror of trying a ton of products. I wanted to start a series where I highlight products that I just can’t live without. There are a ton products that I think need to be spotlighted and this week’s MA’s Product of the week | Matrix Total Results Repair Break Fix Leave-in Elixir.  Make sure to subscribe to catch MA’s Product of the week!

Product Description:

Performs a deep fiber reconstruct to help repair damage and prevent breakage. Instantly resurfaces brittle strands as it recharges healthy shine.

Key Ingredients:

Ceremide – Penetrates the hair fiber to repair and fill in porosity

Amino Silicones – Resurface and seals the cuticle

Recommended Hair Type:

High Porosity Hair, Distressed, or damaged hair.

My thoughts:

I have been using this product for years. As a lover of hair color and heat I can not go without this product. I have super fine hair but it’s tough. With that being said it is always nice and equally important to have good support for the health of your hair. This product fills in my cuticle after color treatments, heat styles and everyday wear and tear. It provides me with a great slip without being too heavy and leaves my hair manageable and light. This product does what it says it’s going to do. Check out more about Matrix Total Results line.

See it in action…



Comment below if you have tried this or in need of a light weight, effective repair leave-in product. I hope you all found MA’s Product of the week helpful and I’ll see ya next week with another keeper!!! Sign up for my newsletter to get in the know with all things MA!


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