Hey Guys!!! My due date is right around the corner, which means I have been nesting like crazy!!! Here are the steps I used to create these adorable initial pillows for my son’s nursery.  I will be revealing the nursery very soon!!! I can’t wait to share it with you all, I did so much cool stuff!!! But until then here are the pillows I made!!!

Materials Needed:

Fabric of your choice – I used upholstery fabric for my 3 13 x 13 pillows I used about 3/4 yard. For the initials I used about 1/2 yard and I had plenty left over!




Straight Pins

Bias Tape

Witch Stitch or Ironing Adhesive

Pillow filling / stuffing

Sewing machine



Your going to cut out the base fabric. I did measurements of 13 x13


Next cute out a square that will fit your initials. I used 8 x 8 initials.


Draw and cut the initial out.


Using a Witch Stitch or Ironing Adhesive Tape, you will cut strips to iron the letter into place on the front of the pillow



Due to the high heat the adhesive tape requires I put Muslin over the pillow. A sheet would work just as well.


Once the letter is in place I then set my machine to a zigzag stitch and moved the closeness of the zigzag. not to be confused with the width but the length in between the zigzag.


By changing the length in between the zigzag it creates an embroidered look!


Next take your Bias tape and cut to the length of the pillow. With a basic straight stitch sew the bias tape down on the front of the pillow. Make sure to put the round end toward the inside of the pillow.  Also I found that if I crossed the bias tape at the corner it prevented holes. *If these pillow were for a girl I would do a continues bias without cutting it for a softer look.


How the bias tape should look after being sew down.


Place the back of the pillow on top of the front of the pillow, pin into place. Please make sure if your base fabric is textured that the same textures are facing each other. These will be the outside of the pillow once we are done.


Flip the pillow over and follow the same stitch from the front of the pillow when you stitched the bias tape…this way your not sewing blind and you will stay just as close to the rounding part of the bias tape. Please note leave a hole for turning the pillow inside out and stuffing. Once the pillow is filled to your desire close the hole with the straight stitch.


Finished product!!!


Video Bonus: If the pictures aren’t enough I have it all on video as well!!

When there is a want there is a way.

~ Maria Antoinette ~

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