After a long day, there’s nothing you want more than collapsing into that comfortable bed and drifting off to dreamland. However, sometimes falling asleep can be a real challenge — even when people are very tired. Below are some bedtime routine tips that will ensure you fall asleep once your head hits the pillow ensuring you have a long restful sleep.

Create An Environment Favorable To Sleep

Unsurprisingly enough, the bedroom is called a “bedroom” because that is where the bed is located. And the primary use of the bed is for sleeping. Create a bedroom environment that enables you to feel sleepy and relaxed. If you “relax before bedtime”, you give your heart and body a chance to calm themselves. Close the windows or crack the window, turn the fan on, and turn off all electronics off. Yes, you read that correctly, no trolling IG while in bed. In doing so, your body will recognize that because it is lying in bed, it is soon time for sleep — and without any blue screen lights or noisy distractions, you’ll be snoozing in no time.

Take A Warm Bath Or Shower Before Sleep

Sometimes the most useful way to become more at ease and tired is to take a hot, relaxing shower or bath before bedtime. This will tell your body it’s time to prepare for sleep, while also providing a sense of leisure and cleanliness. The lightly scented suds will help make you comfortable and ready for a nice, long night of sleep. Now, before you hop in your shower or bath make sure the water is not too hot because hot water will give you dry skin.

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Do A Little Reading At Bedtime

Nothing puts me to sleep faster than picking up a book while cozy in bed. And no, it’s not the books. My body knows it’s time for sleep and won’t allow me to read any more than a chapter before dozing off. While reading on a device may be convenient you’ll want to resist this because the blue light doesn’t tell your mind it’s bedtime. Although it is probably not a good idea to decide to read an overly stimulating story or frightening murder mystery, a book can help put the mind at ease and tire you out. By reading and slowly but surely putting the mind into a comfortable state, even ten minutes of reading will make you want to turn out the light and close your eyes for the night.

Make Your Hour Before Bedtime Consistent

Perhaps one of the most important ways to fall asleep quickly is to make one’s nightly schedule consistent. By repeating simple steps of brushing your teeth, grabbing your favorite pj’s, and having a nonsugary beverage, a comfortable routine will be established. The body will soon prepare itself for sleep whenever the nightly routine is initiated thus helping you become ready to fall asleep in no time.

By following these simple tips to help you fall asleep faster, you’ll be able to not only get your body prepared for sleep but have an easier time of it as well. Sleep is an essential part of the day (or night, for that matter), and a time for the body to recover itself and grow. Don’t miss another seven hours of shut-eye or nod off during your morning meeting — take that needed snooze tonight!

These Bedtime Routine Tips Will Help You Fall Asleep in No Time

Do you have a bedtime routine? What’s the one specific thing you have to do before you go to sleep? Share with me in the comments below.

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