If your skin is looking rather dull and feeling dry and itchy it probably means you’re suffering from winter dry skin. Here are some tips to help bring your skin some relief.

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How Do You Prevent Winter Dry Skin?

Avoid hot showers

It’s cold so I know you want nothing more than to take a long soothing hot shower or bath. But, before you take your next hot shower or bath remember that hot water can dry out and irritate your skin. And if you have eczema the hot water will only worsen the condition. So instead you should use warm water and keep your showers short. No more than 10-12 minutes.

Use moisturizing soaps

All soaps are naturally drying but you should be using ones that will put moisture back into your skin. Brands like Dove, Olay, and Neutrogena are your best bet for replenishing the moisture lost during bathtime. For those with really sensitive skin, I would recommend cleansing bars.

Moisturize your body immediately after you shower

As soon as you step out of your shower or bath you need to immediately moisturize your skin. Yeah I know you just used a moisturizing soap but that’s not enough. You need a topical moisturizer to trap in the moisture from your shower. Now there are a few types of moisturizers to choose from – cream, lotion, ointment, and oil. 

Use a humidifier

The heat in our houses also plays a role in drying out our skin. Investing in a good humidifier will cut the heat and add moisture in your home.

Keep your skin covered

As the weather gets colder you should be sure to keep your skin covered. Doing so will protect your skin from the cold dry harsh winter elements. Remember the harsh cold air will dry out your skin and by staying covered your skin will retain its moisture. 

How Do You Repair Winter Dry Skin?

Take vitamin C

Vitamin C helps reduce signs of aging, heals damaged skin and it will prevent dry skin. Use as directed as too much vitamin C can make you sick to your stomach. 

Drink lots and lots of water

I’m sure you’re already drinking enough water but if you’re suffering from dry skin then you need to be drinking more water than you usually do. Why? Because your skin is dry you need to hydrate on both the inside and out.

Wear gloves

If you’re doing something that calls for your hands to be wet you should put on gloves. Once you’ve finished make sure to moisturize your hands as your hands can still get a little dry. And you should also apply cream or lotion to your hands after every wash. 


Moisturizing will be extra effective on exfoliated skin. You should exfoliate at least once a week. This will allow the moisturizing creams or oils (whichever you prefer) to really penetrate the skin.

Stay away from fragrances 

I know you love your favorite scented skincare products and detergents but you have to make sure they don’t contain dehydrating ingredients or other irritants. While you nurse your skin back to health you should use fragrance-free products. 

Check out my video on how you can make your own whipped body butter and flavored lip balm

While you’re working hydrating your winter skin don’t forget about your hair. Follow these tips to avoid winter dry hair.

Do you have any tips that have helped you avoid and/or repair winter dry skin? Share with me in the comments below.

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