There is an epidemic that is causing stress, lost edges and sever denial all across the lands. As women we are NEVER happy with what we are born with. We strive daily to achieve and have things that just aren’t meant to be…bodies, men (okay we can do another post about this, but this isn’t what this post is about) and hair.  

We all have been guilty of typing #HairGoals under someones picture with hair we long to have.  While some women can simply leave that as a compliment and keep it moving, many of us will go to any extreme to achieve this said #HairGoal. We search for the perfect product, the perfect regimen only to be left feeling unaccomplished. Why do these attempts let us down day after day?  There are a myriad of answers to this question; but first, one needs to know exactly what kind of hair we are dealing with. Which leads us to ask what exactly is HAIR-NETICS? Great and valid question. I have some insight to offer. 

The term HAIR-NETICS is inspired by the challenge of trying to understand who, what, and why(s) our hair is the way it is.

That moment when we try new things with our hair and then wonder why we even bothered, it could all lead back to genetics.  Sometimes things just fall flat, literally.

Race and ethnicity often get lumped into one category when the two words are not actually synonymous. We may be black or white, but our ethnic composition may get very complicated once broken down.

Why is this important as the conversation pertains to hair? Knowing these facts may be the difference between permanently damaging your hair and not. This is not just a cautionary tale for people who are mixed with the black and white races. This is about taking a deeper, more in depth look into your ethnicity to understand your body’s chemical composition. Many African Americans whether they know it or not are indeed mixed with other ethnic makeup besides African ancestry. Many whites unbeknownst to them have other ethnic traits that reach back to aboriginal DNA. Please take time to talk to your parents and grandparents. For those of us fortunate enough, talk to your great grandparents and find out exactly who you are.

Certain ethnic hair traits can range from hair so straight there isn’t a chance of holding curls to hair so curly that straightening is barely feasible. Sometimes the hair style has nothing to do with your stylist and more to do with your DNA.

Nothing holds truer than the expression, everything is not for everybody.

Take some time out during your next family gathering to open up a discussion about your family origins. Do some research about the climate and geographical locations where your people are from. Geographic location plays a part in how often one should or should not wash their hair. Embrace the uniqueness that is your embedded DNA code. Embark on a journey that may also open up answers to health and wellness as well.

Happy findings!

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