Congratulations graduate! Now that you’ve received your degree it’s time for you to begin your post-grad life. Thinking back to that time in my life I remember that I was excited and yet scared. I didn’t know what to expect following graduation. And while I did receive guidance prior to finishing college I still had concerns that weren’t fully addressed. Which is why I wanted to create this post. I want to help ease some of the uncertain thoughts, anxiety, and fears that many new grads experience following graduation.

Post-grad Advice maria antoinette tmablog

Always Have A Plan B

Post-grad Advice maria antoinette tmablog

After graduating you’ll begin the hunt for your dream job, but what happens if you’re unable to land it? Well, I would suggest after six months of searching to temporarily take a job in another field. Does this mean you should give up searching for a job in your field? No. Never. But you have bills to pay and you need to make money while the dream job search continues. Something else to think about, while working in this new job you may discover a love for something you never even considered and realize that you’ve already landed your dream job. 

Create The Job You Want

If you can’t find the job that you’re looking for because openings in the field are slim or maybe because it doesn’t exist yet, create it. There is no rule stating that you have to accept jobs that others create. Starting your own business is hard work and takes a lot of self-motivation, time, and patience. But if you’re someone who enjoys their independence and the ability to set your own schedule then creating your dream job will be better than spending a year looking for someone else’s created idea of a dream job.  

Make Choices That Are Right For You 

This is your life. Therefore you should only be making choices that are best for you. You cannot worry about what other people are going to think about your actions because you’re the one who has to live with the decisions you make. If you want to take a year off between undergrad and grad school to rest your mind, do it. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you may not be ready for or just not interested in doing at all.

Network & Connect

Post-grad Advice maria antoinette tmablog

I cannot reiterate enough how important connections are. In today’s world, a lot of jobs are obtained by who you know. That said, get out there and meet people. Go to networking events for the field of work you’re interested in, and you shouldn’t stop there. Attend general networking events because you’ll never know who you will meet and who they may know. Also, stay connected with friends, advisors, and mentors you knew know what opportunities they may know of.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Entering the workforce after graduating can be a jolt. You’ll come to realize that the real world isn’t what you thought it would be and it can (and will) stress you out. Find a therapist who can help you through those rough times. A great place to start is Therapy For Black Girls. Dr.Joy, through her blog and podcast, provides a wealth of information on various mental health topics. She also has a directory to help you find a therapist nearby. It’s imperative that you remember, no matter what stage in life you are, always take care of you.

You Deserve To Be In The Room

Post-grad Advice maria antoinette tmablog

Now that you’ve gotten that job never once should you ever think you don’t deserve to be in the room because you do. Don’t let others intimate you in any way. You earned that spot and you should enter the room with your head held high. Sit at the table or stand at the head of the room with pride and accomplishment.

Never Stop Learning

Post-grad Advice maria antoinette tmablog

Your time in the classroom may be over but that doesn’t mean you’re finished learning. Because of the fast-paced world we live in you’ll constantly find yourself sharpening old skills, learning newer ones, and educating yourself on the necessary requirements needed for your next level up.

Stay Home And Save For As Long As You Can

When you finish college you won’t just be leaving with a degree, you’ll also be leaving with a hefty bill if you took out loans. Those loans are going to start coming in quicker than you realize. So if you can remain home with family in order to pay off as much of it as you can, as well as save money for future purchases like a newer car, a home downpayment, or for your continued education. The last thing you want to do is move out too soon and have the worry about paying astronomical rent on top of sky-high loan repayments. If you can’t stay at home get a roommate or two to split the bills to help you save. 

Don’t Worry About Not Having It All Together

Society puts a lot of pressure on new grads to keep in step with milestones they think you should hit at certain points in your life. Don’t fall for it. Go at your own pace and don’t be afraid of the unknown. Also, don’t feel like a failure cause you don’t have the same post-graduation plans as your peers. The truth of the matter is, those same people who sound like they have together are secretly struggling too. You know the saying, comparison is the thief of joy. So stay focused on you and what you have to do and you’ll be fine.  

Look To The Future

Post-grad Advice maria antoinette tmablog

Take a moment and think beyond your degree. Think about the impact you want to make on the world and how you want people to remember you.  Keep in mind that while your degree will open doors for you it’s your creativity, resilience, and work ethic that will skyrocket you to where you want to be professionally.

I hope these bits of advice are able to help you in your post-grad life. If you need even more advice on check out my previous post that will help get you on the road to finding your passion.

Share with me in comments the best piece of post-grad advice you received.

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