It’s a yes for me. Let’s go over a few reasons why and see if you agree.


Believe it or not, it still takes boldness and confidence to walk into a room with a creative natural hairstyle or your beautiful, full fro for all the world to see. Because it’s not the status quo. Despite the proliferation of women embracing their natural hair, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s still news when a woman chooses to wear her natural hair. Articles are still written when black female celebrities share photos on their social media of their natural manes (a lot of celeb women of color choose protective styling over wearing their natural hair most of the time). So, to repeat, when you walk into that room with your curls/kinks/coils/Afro for all the world to see, you’re effectively telling the world that regardless of what is the status quo, you are who you are. Does declaring this message take confidence? Yep!



I don’t know about you, but I love big hair. Like, love it! Of course, there’s nothing like a short, chic cut to give life, but wow seeing giant natural manes reaching toward the sky is really worthy of praise hands. Needless to say, it takes a lot of confidence to rock your big hair, especially in the office or for an event where the majority of the attendees are sporting more conservative looks. No doubt about it.


There’s something about being open to experimentation with other aspects of your personal style when you have natural hair. Perhaps your fashion sense becomes more colorful and/or daring. Accessories like earrings and other forms of jewelry grow bigger. Makeup becomes an art form. Your hair itself may become an art form! When I returned to natural, I recall my friends noticing that my personal style seemed to change overnight, especially with my clothes and makeup. It was as if I was no longer hiding behind my hair; now, it was front and center, and I wanted to accentuate this new look as much as possible. Does leaving your comfort zone when it comes to different aspects of beauty and style take confidence? Do I even have to ask?

In the end, a confident woman has an assured sense of inner and outer self regardless of the hairstyle she’s sporting. We are not our hair, as India Arie proclaimed in one of my favorite songs. Nevertheless, to proudly show the world the hair that we were born with is a powerful thing.

Thanks for reading! Do you agree that natural hair and confidence go together? Let me know in the comments below!

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Shirley Davis is a Ghanaian-American fictionista, blogger, and natural hair enthusiast who pretends not to be competitive when playing board games. You can find her on Instagram (@frowriter), Facebook (, and Twitter (@shebeingme).
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