Summer is the most fitting time for numerous events that may or may not call for a full face of makeup. What is my go to? Tinted moisturizers! There are so many activities; festivals, day parties, weddings, brunches, the list keeps going on. Between juggling work and my social life, I’ve noticed how imperative it is to keep my skin hydrated during these humid summer months. Every event does not call for a full face with lashes, ten minutes of baking, and a strong setting spray.

I’ve fallen in love with tinted moisturizers because they make your “everyday face” a breeze.


In all honesty, it is way too hot for full coverage. Tinted moisturizers are a light/fluffy way to give you the most natural look as possible without applying heavy makeup.It is 100% possible to beat your face with a tinted moisturizer. It essentially does the same exact thing as your regular foundation, but there are certain ingredients or benefits that your particular moisturizer will come with.

Moisturizers also adhere to your specific skin type as well. I have pretty normal skin so most if not all moisturizers work for me.

Below I’ll list moisturizers based on skin type, enjoy!

  • Bliss Instant Tinstant Tinted Skin Perfector – This is the Mecca of all moisturizers and I obsess over it! Bliss products are made to hydrate your skin and prevent breakouts/blemishes. Once they started a makeup line, I was sold! This moisturizer is extremely light, goes on smooth, and comes in every skin tone. (Perfect for all types of skin.)
  • The Balm BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer – This is literally the lightest moisturizer I’ve ever come across! It’s loaded with SPF 18 which is perfect for sun protection; you can hit the day party and not worry about beads of sweat rolling down your face while trying to pose for a photo. It blends in perfectly with any skin tone and in all honesty, it feels like you aren’t wearing anything. (Perfect for normal skin.)
  • Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer – This is an oil-free tinted moisturizer that gives you a natural finish, but a more polished look. It’s a little heavier compared to most moisturizers, because it ranges from light-to-medium coverage. The amazonian clay in the moisturizer reduces dryness, adds clarity, and removes non-essential oils from your skin. It does everything! (Perfect for oily skin.)
  • Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm – This moisturizer was designed to not only fight the sun, but to also be light enough that it will coincide with your everyday beauty products. What I love about this, is that it’s a balm that is extremely lightweight and as thin as air. Once applied, it leaves a dewy/hydrated finish that is clean cut and sheer. (Perfect for dry skin.)

These are just some of many different types of tinted moisturizers that I deem as life-changing.

There are tons that range from your normal drug-store brand, to the more expensive high-end brands. When it comes to your skin, it is definitely appropriate to use what your skin approves of, regardless of the cost. I’d start with the highly-recommended in your ideal price range and then branch from that.

I hope this educated you on the benefits of tinted moisturizers, what is your go to? Comment below! Checkout my IG @rakismaki to catch up with me until next time!

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