Spring is officially upon us! Feel free to do your happy dance.

Undoubtedly, most of us can’t wait to shed the coats and tights from winter–although I’m sure all of you were slaying in your winter fashion–and embrace the glow of spring. But this isn’t a style post. During the winter, perhaps you’ve noticed that we tend to hibernate in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to social activities. For me, the dark, chilly evenings found me inside my warm apartment, definitely not in the mood to leave since I was happily hiding inside my blanket. However, do you also notice that as the weather begins to thaw and the days are longer and brighter you want to shed that blanket and engage in social activities once again, particularly with your girls? Me too. Here are four ideas on how to welcome springtime with your lady squad and fully embrace the change in the atmosphere.

Ladies’ Tea

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There’s something very spring-y about inviting your closest girlfriends to get together for afternoon tea. A simple online search for tea rooms, restaurants, or hotels that offer tea time will provide many ideas for places to go. However, since we’re embracing the warmer weather, I also think finding a park and setting up your own tea party is even better. Adding a theme, such as guests wearing floral dresses, hats, and gloves, or a specific color theme, will certainly add to the fun. Tea parties are elegant, lovely, and, if you can experience them outside, provide a wonderful opportunity to dress up and hang out with your girls while enjoying much-needed spring breezes.

Outdoor Concerts

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Definitely, grab your girls and head to the abundance of outdoor concerts/events that happen when the weather improves. Again, a visit online for your local area (or road trip it to another city with your girls!) can provide all the information you need on who’s coming to town in the springtime and when. Music and laughter and friends under warm, spring skies? Yes!

Botanical Gardens

spring shirley davis maria antoinette
Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Credit: NYCgo.com

Roses. Lilacs. Orchids. And so much more. Inviting a group of your friends to tour beautiful, floral gardens in your local community are a fantastic way to welcome the spring weather. Most likely, there’s a botanical garden in your city or area; even better, the gardens often have events or exhibits during the year, and you can be sure that some of these will take place during the spring. A big plus: all the fabulous photos that will surely come from your group with those gorgeous flowers as a backdrop. Speaking of photos…

Springtime Photo Shoots!

spring shirley davis maria antoinette

I’m a big fan of photo shoots. A great, creative way to welcome spring with your girls is to snag a photographer, find a beautiful locale, and have fun with it! To me, it’s a wonderful way not only to greet the new season but to have photographic memories that show the absolute joy of your friendships.

Honorable mentions for welcoming spring with your friends: museum day (an open-air museum or sculpture garden is even better!), picnics, and really anything that allows the opportunity to go outside and breathe deeply with some of your favorite people.

Winter seemed eternal, didn’t it? Nevertheless, we’ve had our time with heaters and cozy blankets. Time to open the door and step out into the warmth with some good friends by your side.

Thanks for reading! How do you plan on welcoming spring? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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